Saturday, February 02, 2008

Naked Irbing

Caden: "No, call me Naked Irbing."

me: "What?"

Caden: "My name is Naked Irbing."

me: "Who?"

Caden: "Naked Irbing."

Cam: "Yankee Irving, mommy."

Caden: "Ya, Nakee Irbing from my baseball movie."

Caden's all-time favorite movie is Everyone's Hero. It's about a little boy named Yankee Irving who follows the Yankees to take Babe Ruth his baseball bat. It's totally cute, and Caden wants to be him! The bad guy in the movie (a pitcher from another team) has his famous "booger ball" he throws. Caden even named his hampster "Booger Ball."

He now insists we call him "Nakee Irbing" throughout the day :o) Very appropriate for the kid who loves to show everyone his "nakee" parts :o)

cheers....have a good day!


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