Sunday, September 23, 2007

brotherly love

Every once in a while, I'll catch them being nice to each other :o) They are usually competing for EVERYTHING, but sometimes they're caught just being friends. That makes all the stress worth it. They were actually all three sitting down on the couch watching tv, and Caden reached over to put his arm around his baby brother.
Bennett was begging for cereal, and Caden actually fed him HIS cereal. It almost brought tears to my eyes. Seems like something all siblings do, right? Not my Caden.....this was notable behavior for him :o)
Somebody got into the winter drawer and decided to dress up the baby! They were all laughing, so I didn't care. They could be drowning each other, but all long as they are all happy, it's all good!
Bennett loves loves loves to hang on his biggest brother :o) He thinks Bailey is the best buddy in this world.

I couldn't imagine being one of four brothers. I bet in some ways it would totally suck but in other ways it would so much fun. Even though Bailey is so much older than the midgets, I hope they are all close when they grow up. The three little ones have the opportunity to be best friends all through school and life, and I hope Bailey doesn't "grow out" of them when he gets into high school and college. I know they will look up to him so much and look forward to his visits home. Right now, I think they think of him more of another parent than a brother, but I hope that will come later :o)


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