Monday, April 02, 2007

Charmed Moments

Okay, I decided to post this picture here for everyone who was asking about the fundraiser. I didn't realize so many people would really be interested in hearing more details. Since I can't (or if I can, I have no idea how) post pictures on the success story board, it is just easier to do it here. Most of you have no idea what I am talking about, so just skip this post :o) Okay, for all you charmed moments consultants who want more details on the fundraiser I did for Bailey's school, here they are.

First, I made a flier for the school. My suggestion was they make copies and post in heavy traffic areas. The flier looked like this:

KES Student Council Announces Its
Mother’s Day Fundraiser

Happy Mother’s Day BRACELETS
$10.00 each

The bracelet comes with a “Happy Mother’s Day” charm

Additional Charms $5.00 each
“Greatest mom”
“Super mom”
“We love you mom”
“I love my children”
“I love my family”
“Happy Mother’s Day”

Give mom something she can wear all year long this Mother’s Day!

Orders will be taken during lunch
Next week only - March 26-30

It didn't look exactly like had pretty font, looked really "girly", and was just plain cute :o)

Then I provided the school with an order form I created to accomodate several orders to a page. Student name, teacher, room number, and boxes to check how many of which item they wanted.

I made a cute little prop with all the charms that were available to order that was going to be at the table where they took orders. They were going to take orders during lunch all week.

Here is a picture of the can't really see the stuff in the picture, but you get the idea of what the kids could see. The basic link brancelet shown up top has the "Happy Mother's Day" charm in the center.

Well, the lady in charge of the student council was too "busy" (or lazy) to go collect orders during lunch as we talked about doing. Instead, she made 1000 copies of the fliers and sent them home with all the students. She made her own little order form so kids could just come to school with the orders and send them to her room.

Now, honestly, $2400.00 was NOT my goal....I was really hoping for more like $5000.00, but I don't think it was executed properly. Had she set up in the cafeteria so kids could see the charms, they would have EASILY sold $5000.00

Live and learn.....

The student council made $540.....I did my own number-crunching game with the orders that included the shopping spree and free hostess items to get the school the most cash possible for their $2400.00 in orders.

They were happy with that ;o) I think I'm going to be doing more next year ;o) Okay, Trish, Jen, and all you other Charmed Moments consultants here on island better not step on my toes now that I told you my business plan.....because next year I will be approaching ALL the schools here on Kadena :o)

Okay, sorry the rest of you who have no idea what I'm talking about just read all of that!

For everyone else.....I am FINALLY done with school!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is such a great feeling!!!!! I kind of feel like it was a waste of my time and money getting my Master's, because I really don't think I'll ever use it....I don't know. I guess now I can say I did it, right? As if having 4 children (three of them under three years old) wasn't enough to deal with during the day....I spent the last 18 months taking graduate courses I'm a lunatic :o) It's all done though :o)

I'll post pictures of the kids this week. They are crazy and busy! Bennett got his first tooth this week :o) He also started giving kisses and standing without holding on to anything :o) He just stands in the middle of the floor and smiles....too darling :o)

By for now.....