Saturday, November 18, 2006


I picked up a really fun hat the other day on Kokusai's for my "I still feel young" days. Well, I was wearing it when I picked up the boys from school. Caden looked at me, paused for a minute, and then yelled, "mommy....clown" as he ran to me with a big grin on his face. "My hat, my hat" was all I heard from the boys the rest of the day. As much as they hate clowns, I'm surprised they liked the hat so much. They took turns wearing it the rest of the day.

Cam even had to wear it on the potty :o) By the way, he hasn't had a poopy diaper in 3 weeks :o) Caden is a different story....

Caden actually DOES look like a little clown with the hat on :o)

Even baby Bennett liked it.

Bailey opted NOT to wear the hat for a blog picture.....I can't understand why though.....

momma's little cubs

when i was pregnant with the boys, strangers would ask me if i knew what "the baby" was.....i'd say a "litter" of boys. my little "cubs" (i am such a momma bear) have grown so much since they were laying in the nicu with tubes and monitors attached to their little miniature bodies. i'd say they are still just the cutest litter i've ever laid eyes on :o)

too many

too many pictures to go through.....i downloaded 2 of the 3 cameras last night and had no idea i had 200 pictures in i figured i better start posting some of them. here's one of bailey and bennett that i just love. i was getting ready to take pictures of all the boys for our christmas cards and just did a trial with the two of them, and it turned out so cute.

here i am snuggling up with buzz....hey, todd's tdy, what does he expect....i'm lonely. a girl has got to have a man on the side, right? buzz is my man :o) i had my friend take this picture when we were shopping down on kokusai street (touristy shopping area) with the officer spouse club (most of them think they are way to cool to hang out with wives of silly little captains....but i play their game....i can hold my own), because the boys weren't with me and they LOVE buzz. so, they got to see a picture of mommy with buzz when they came home from school.

here's bennett in his little excersaucer. he likes it a lot more than the twins did. they could care less about that hunk of plastic.....they weren't happy unless they were crying :o) monsters i tell you, monsters. he likes being vertical though....he feels like he's part of the family when he's standing all by himself with his toys in front of him.

here's a picture of the boys on a teeter totter at the park. that's one good thing about having twins....they ALWAYS have a friend (and enemy) the same age to play (fight) with :o)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

oh ya....

How could I forget to comment on election day in my last post?????? Probably because the thought of the day still makes me want to vomit. All I can really say is, POOR AMERICA!!!! I guess with public education going down hill, we have produced some pretty stupid people....there is a new generation of dems (the "how does that make you feel?" generation)....PUKE!!!!! I don't know how else to explain it. Okay, Okay, I do have dem friends that I love dearly (Lisa, if you are reading this...I still love you and think you are one of the brightest women I know :o)), but I am sad to see what happened in the Senate and the House and quite afraid of what the future holds....

I'm still waiting for bumper stickers that say Bill O'Reilly 2008. Okay, not really, but I'd put one on my car!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

quick hello....

Don't have time to mess with the camera and download photos for this entry....just wanted to say hello to everyone! We are busy this week with Todd gone TDY. I couldn't imagine being a single mom with 4 off to all those moms!!! Anyway, things are going well around here. We are spending the next few weeks prepping for Santa Claus. Cam is afraid of his own shaddow, so this will be an interesting year. We pulled out the pictures of the boys with Santa last year, and they LOVE to point and say, "me like san claus" over and over again. Caden points and says, "me no cry" because he is crying in his picture from last year. We need to pull out the digital recorder and do a pre-Santa interview with the boys talking their big game and then the actual Santa encounter. My prediction is that they'll be shaking like leaves on trees. They won't get near him....I won't be able to pry them off my neck to get them to sit with him.

A little late for this message, but YEAH for the CMAs......some of you love country music, some of you hate it.....ever since I was introduced to country music (way back in tech school) I have found my music does something to me :o) love it!!!!! Anyway, go Carrie Underwood. As much as I think Kenny Chesney is gay as can be, I still love his voice and his songs....go Kenny! There are lots of them I love....go all y'all....okay, enough of that!

Bailey got his first report card....straight A's, of course. Caden and Cam are loving school. Bennett is loving his mommy time while the boys are at school 3 days a week. He is a good, FAT baby.....I kinda like having a fat baby :o) He's so thick...rolls on's so cute :o) We are hoping they disappear someday though. We've got some really fat (grossly obese) blood on my grandma's side of the family.....I think they're all dead now, so I can say that :o) Hopefully, Bennett just has baby fat and that fat gene died with those old family members.....keep your fingers crossed for us....

In the middle of a class....that's why postings have been so slow. I've been reading everyone else's blogs though :o) I'll try to get some pictures up this weekend. It all depends on the boys, with Todd gone and all.....we'll have to play that by ear. We're hoping he'll be back for Thanksgiving....should be, but those of you in AWACS know how predictable those damn jets are.

That's all for now....hey, hey, hey to all.

Friday, November 03, 2006


Bailey wanted me to bake pumpkin seeds, so I made him dig out all the crap and separate it. He is such a "clean" freak, that it just about killed him. Anyway, he's still eating his seeds :o) The boys started out just watching but quickly joined in. As Bailey separated the seeds from the orange stuff, Cam dumped them back into the pumpkin. Bailey was quite frustrated with the whole process. It was one of those days he wished he was still an only child.

Bennett just hung did his boobs :o) check out those chubby boobies!!!! He wants to be part of the action around here but isn't quite big enough yet. It won't be long though. Check that out....naked outside the last week of October....yep, it's still nice and warm :o)

What a scary lion, huh? He was walking around growling and scratching.....what a little pussy cat :o)
Cam doesn't have a scary bone in his whole body. He liked his alligator costume because alligators say "snap" with their teeth :o)

Bennett had a bumble bee costume but was asleep before trick or treating ever started. So, he slept through the whole thing! I took the twins out trick or treating for about 45 minutes. I came home (the streets were PAKCED full of trick or treators) and I found Todd in the house with all the lights off...sitting in front of the computer!!!! He couldn't even pass out candy??? Oh Lord! So, he got to give Caden and Cam a bath and listen to them talk about their "treats" the rest of the night, and I sat outside and passed out candy. I couldn't believe he was pretending to NOT be home!!!!!! I call him the Scrooge at Christmas time (believe me...he's such a fun sucker at Christmas time), but Halloween.....come on!!!!

I wish I would have gotten a picture of Bailey before he bailed. He stayed home from school on Halloween because he was up all night the night before puking. I didn't want him to go to school feeling like crap and all dehydrated, so I made him stay home. Todd said if he was too sick to go to school, he was too sick to go trick or treating......dads, I swear. The poor kid wasn't sick anymore...his poor little body just needed to recover from all that puking and dry heeving!!! Yes, he went trick or treating anyway. He didn't feel great when he came home though. He was trying to keep up with all of his friends running around the neighborhoods. It's only once a year though, so how could he not go? He had a Stewie (Family Guy) costume, and he looked pretty funny. Probably not the most appropriate costume for an 11-year-old, but, hey, I'm one of "those" moms.......

Thursday, November 02, 2006

political rhetoric

This didn't take very long to surface, did it????? Gosh, I love the rightwing stabs :o)