Friday, August 10, 2007


Bailey does his own thing these days. He is hard to figure out. One day he doesn't want anything to do with our family.....the next, he's so far up my butt I can't breathe. He must be going through those pre-teen identity issues....I don't know. I don't even think he can figure himself out. Regardless, he's a good kid....a very good kid.

Trying to get some direction from Dad....or is he just floating? I don't know....I'm only the camera lady.

Whatever he was doing, he's done now.

Yes, I have to take your picture Bailey.....stop looking so happy already!

Taking the boys to the park is fun for everone....even big brother! I think I remember hopping on this for a quick ride also :o)

Bailey even spent the day at "school" with the boys on their birthday. He was the best show-and-tell toy of all of them! ALL of the kids loved having his there! What a great big brother.


"Dots, Mommy....I have dots!" is how is answers when I ask what he has on his nose. He has the cutest little freckles :o) He is such a mommy's boy. "Me no share my mommy" when Cam or Bennett get near me :o)

Not nearly as cooperative as Cam "the ham" when it comes to picture time. He'd be perfectly happy if I never held a camera in front of his face again.

Fire....hee hee....I can hear the Bevis and Butthead voices in his head now :o)

When it was time to hand out cupcakes, nobody wanted Caden's......all the pokes in the frosting weren't very appetizing!

Fearless........down the slide, face first :o) Gotta love how adventurous he is.....he must've got that from his momma :o)

"Where am I supposed to be? What am I supposed to be doing?" Caden was doing his "own thing" during soccer practice.....could care less what Coach Deanna was saying......gee, did he get that from his momma too?


Cam has a big nugget (head) just like his daddy....he sure is a cute little guy though. He always has something hilarious to say and a big smile for the camera!
Here he is with his "Coosie Monster" cupcake cake while everyone sings Happy Birthday to him. He loved every second of it :o)

"Look, Mommy. I lay like Daddy on the floor."

BIG Cheese for the camera!

My first soccer practice. "I made a goal, Mommy!"


We've renamed Bennett....we always call him little buddy now. He really is a little buddy. He's so much fun and just loves being a part of everything. Here are some recent pictures of Buddy....

Here he is on the floor (should have changed his shirt....he's an Oklahoma fan....before I took the picture) eating his "trough" of blueberries :o)

Caden and Cam were screaming in the bathtub.................Bennett had an oops. Didn't bother him any :o)

Bennett thought all those new toys were for him.....those were Caden and Cam's birthday presents :o) He's the baby of the family, so, of course, he gets to play with anything he wants!

He was leading the way on the local beer (Orion) factory tour. Nope, he didn't get any samples at the end.....although the car trip home would have been nicer.