Monday, July 30, 2007

july has come to an end

gosh, it's been forever since i blogged. i always check everyone else's blog in the morning when i first get up but never post myself. let's see, i'm going to have to grab a calendar to see what we've done the past month. july is so crazy with 3 birthdays and our anniversary.

my dh celebrated his 37th birthday and we celebrated our 9th anniversary. we went out and had a nice dinner without the kidlets, but that's about it.

the twins had a birthday party at their school on july 18th, and i had a clown show up to surprise them. it was really cute, and the kids had a lot of fun. my friend made little clown cupcakes, the kids made clown hats, and wore cute little clown noses. they had fun :o)

we had the twins' real birthday party last friday night at the base pool. they had a blast with about 20 friends coming to celebrate their birthday. we didn't even bother opening all the presents at the pool that night. first of all, they would have been fighting over who got to open which presents. then they would have wanted to open everything all the way and play with all of them. lastly, we only had the pool for 2 hours and didn't want to pull the kids out of the pool to have them watch the boys open presents. PLUS, parenting magazine says it's okay to not open the gifts at the actual party. some may consider it tacky, but parenting magazine says it's appropriate.....there, you have it.....credible source :o) the next morning they had so much fun opening gifts. they are so spoiled rotten. they have so much stuff, we have nothing to get them for christmas....nothing. i don't know what we're going to do!!!!! i haven't downloaded all those pictures yet. they are on a different camera.......i'll get to it eventually.

caden and cam's teachers gave them these darling little japanese outfits for their birthday. cam doesn't like to wear his.....bennett loves to though! the pants are too long for him, so he just wears the robed shirt :o) he really hams it up for the camera these days!

that's all for now. i have to go feed these kids. bailey has a baseball game in 45 minutes, and i don't think my dh will be home in time to take him. speaking of sports.....caden and cam start soccer next monday, they will also start gymnastics next month. bennett will start mommy & me gymnastics next month too :o) bailey is still doing tennis. i am taking tennis with him right now too. my sore elbow and shoulder reminded me too add that to the blog.

my bootcamp is sucking! i work my ass off every day and am only getting minimal results! i know i've lost body fat and inches (all of my clothes are loose), but i've actually gained 2 pounds. i'm not happy about that.....oh well. i have 4 more weeks to go, then i'll do my own thing! i know i'll stick with it though, because i am addicted to going to the gym and getting a good workout :o)

sayonara for now!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

momma's cubs

There has been so much going on with momma's cubs, momma can't even keep up herself.

Let me try to break it all down for ya :o)

First of all, Bailey has sport injuries. He got hit in the eye with a baseball during practice one night.....the very next day he was surfing and got sliced by the fin. One of Todd's very few days off, and he spent it in the ER with Bailey.
Bailey is also becoming girl crazy! He has several girls he likes. He is now even stealing girls from his friends.....not a good idea if he likes to have friends! There is a "new" Kailee (I guess you can't call them the wrong name if they all have the same name, right?) he is after. His best friend likes her and introduced them. Bailey has decided he wants her :o) I asked him, "How do you know she likes you more?" He responded, "Why wouldn't she?" with a roll of the eyes (yes, boys apparently do that too) and inflection in the voice that suggests I am stupid.

Caden and Camden have new best friends.....Booger Ball and Cookie Monster. They are the cutest little hampsters ever! They, of course, got to name their own and had no troubles doing so. I suggested Bert and Ernie, and Cam immediately insisted on "Cookie Monster" for his hampster.....whatever. Hey, with Caden's foul vocabularly, I'm thankful "Booger Ball" is what he wanted to name his. I was scared he'd want to name him "Fart" or "Eat my Butt Crack"......we keep telling ourselves he'll someday find a place in may be prision, but we'll see. We keep our expectations low and our goals small for him.....we're hoping he'll "surprise" us and exceed them all :o)
Speaking of Caden, we were very concerned about him a couple of months ago. To make a LONG story short, he looks like a combat soldier returning from Iraq. He has more bruises on him than any of you have ever joke. He also gets bloody noses (bad ones) amost every day). The doctor told me he's seen abused kids with fewer bruises than Caden has!!!!! That's never a good comment to hear from a doctor! Every day we were expecting the police to show up and accuse us of abuse. Well, after many blood tests and a long wait, the doctor finally called with the results. I guess Caden has some weird (supposedly it's genetic....Todd or I must have it and not know it) blood disease. He said he has to run more tests that have to been sent back to the states to a pediatric hematologist before we know more. There is no treatment, really, and will live a normal life.....he probably just needs to wear a little medical bracelet. The only time it would be a problem is in a car accident or surgery or something like that. So, that's that.

Camden and Bennett are, for the most part, uneventful in terms of injuries and weird crap. Cam is just your normal 3-year-old (only 3 more weeks until the big birthday).....full of smart-ass comments and learning how to learn adult words in context almost daily! Bennett wants to be just like Caden, Cam, and Daddy. He repeats and copies everything they do.....good and bad. He is a funny little baby. He tries to talk so much.....he looks at us and just makes all these noises and then sort of throws on a question mark sound at the end like he is waiting for us to respond to what he just "said" somehow. It is very cute :o)

I am getting ready to sign my two little monsters up for First Steps Soccer. The last day of registration is ON their 3rd birthday.....boy, did I luck out there! I just pray Caden doesn't hurt someone....I mean really hurt someone!

Grumpy Pants just had another birthday :o) He's getting old...37 :o) I am so glad I will always be younger than he is a beautiful thing! "We" are also getting old....another anniversary coming up next week. I don't have anything to look forward to, because I already got my present. Last month I went out and bought some new furniture. After the purchase he said happy anniversary......that was kind of a trick.....wouldn't you agree, ladies??????

I am still in "boot camp" training. I've only offically done 4 weeks.....this last week was our trainers vacation. I still got up every morning at 4:15 to go to the gym though, so I feel like I've done 5 weeks. Getting up that early is starting to get to's not fun. I feel good though. I have not lost any weight (which is frustrating), but my clothes are looser. So, I guess I'm gaining muscle (which I didn't want) as I lose body fat. I just want to be a stick again! All of these lame words like "tone" and "lean muscle mass" are crap to me. I want to be skinny! I want to loose weight. I want to be a size 2 again. Anyway, I'll stick it out the full 12 weeks and then evaluate what I need to do to get where I need to be.

I think that is a pretty thorough update. If I think of anything else, I'll add it later. Hello to everyone I never hear from anymore! I know, I'm bad about writing these days, but I think of you ALL often. Many times, thinking of all my family, friends, and friends that are like family put the sunshine back in an otherwise-crappy day :o) Cheers to all :o) If you ever feel like you're going mental, think of me :o)