Wednesday, January 31, 2007

almost a teenager

Bailey decided he wanted to go play paintball with some friends for his birthday. Of course, that is an activity that is not very family oriented when you have twin two years olds and a seven month old. So, dad was tasked to go on the birthday adventure while mom stayed home with the babies. I sent the camera with dad to take pictures of the fun birthday party the rest of us were going to miss.....he came home with this ONE picture....gotta love dads!!!! So, this is all I have from Bailey's 12th birthday party.

I did manage to get a picture of the paintball cake before it was devoured!!!!! My friend, Trish, makes the BEST cakes :o)

I have an "order" in for another cake!!!! We are having a BIG PARTY on Friday night and a cake is in order. I'm not going to spoil the special news (no, I'm not pregnant....Todd would not be throwing a party....he'd be committing suicide), you'll have to check back this weekend to check out the party pictures and "occassion" for the big party.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

twins - part 1

Caden can't just rock on his rocking fish....he has to dominate both of the fish, just so Cam can't play. He likes to make Cam scream.....

Monkey see, monkey do.....not quite as well though....
Caden has already moved on to something else and really doesn't care. He's done with the fish.

Now, who could resist that smile??? Cam loves to get this cowboy hat. He says "my Woody hat" and thinks he's Woody from Toy Story :o)~

Disgusting....that's all I can really say about this one. Who does things like this...and pays to do it?????? I'd never wrap that nasty thing around my neck!

Our FAVORITE thing to do is play at the parks here!!!!! There are tons and tons of parks that are well-kept, clean, and close to home :o) LOVE 'EM!!!!!!

never a dull moment....

NEVER never never send one of anything!!!! If you send an empty box, be sure to send two of them.....if not, it WILL cause a fight! Grandma and Grandpa, thanks for the football :o)

It was very quiet in the house (which is quite unusual) for about 5 minutes!!!! Caden came around the corner ALONE, and I swear, with all the blood all over his face, I thought he ate his brothers. Don't worry, we just experienced our first bloody nose and thought it was fun to play with.....

now that's love......
Cam is definitely my little artistic being. Caden thinks blocks are for throwing. Bennett thinks blocks are for eating. Bailey never really had an artistic moment in his life :o) Cam loves to build me houses and draw me pictures....he has a very vivid imagination also!

Monday, January 29, 2007

the baby....

Bennett loves when the twins are at school, because he plays with all of their toys and doesn't get yelled at :o) He is so happy just crawling around exploring all the big boy toys in the play room.

We went to the park last week. Bennett had his own little area to play at while the boys ran around like monkeys!!!!

Of course, he didn't want to stay in his little area :o) We went to another park the following day, and I brought the playpen to keep him confined. It worked....he was happy just listening the all the other kids play on the jungle gyms.

Connie and I took the kids to MonaKids Jungle a couple of weeks ago. It's like a HUGE indoor play area for little kids. It has 4 or 5 ball pits, lots of tubes and slides, nets, obstacles, junk like that. Well, I managed to work my big butt into one of the ball pits so Bennett could join in on the fun. He loved all the balls!!!!!!

Friday, January 26, 2007


Someone please tell me which frickin' Walmart has this mirror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I've had three little koala bears the past week. I can't even pee without someone hanging off my shoulder or sitting on my lap. Bennett has had RSV....thank God he's getting better, but that poor baby wasn't sleeping very well at all! Poor Caden has had pnemonia....again, thank God he's getting better too.....he's been sleeping VERY WELL though. He begs to go "night night in my bed" at around 5 pm. I have to wake him up around 7:30 am. He just lays on me all day and want to take "nap in my bed" every couple of hours. Oh, I don't want that part of his illness to end!!!! Then, poor Cam is just starving for any mommy attention he can get with the other two so sick. Anytime my lap is free, he hops right up, "my Caden's baby's mommy!" So, that's what I've been up to the past week. I do see the light at the end of the tunnel as they slowly recover though :o)

This week is also the big, busy birthday week (thanks for all my birthday wishes out there). My birthday is jam packed with crazy, busy-work crap to do (parent-teacher conference, Bailey's tennis lessons, Bailey has to be the announcer at the school talent show, etc), so it will be just like any other day! Saturday is Bailey's birthday party.....well, it's not really a birthday "party".....he, Todd, and two of his friends are going to paintball all day then come back to the house for pizza and cake. It's an all-day thing, and I'll be stuck ("stuck" sounds so bad, but it's true) with the three little ones all day. I may get a chance to break away to go to a friend's baby shower if my sitter can come over. Then, we'll do some family outting on Sunday for Bay's real birthday.

Then, I can't believe it will be February already! Still working on pictures....I'll get them up sometime this week :o)

peace out

Monday, January 15, 2007

more peas, please......

Well, Todd was not impressed with me sharing the "sperm present" news. So, although he has had further testing and we are aware of what is going on, he doesn't want me to post about it.....what a fun sucker!!!!! Well, I won't post details, but I will post the following. He's the man alright :o) The doctor said, "This is the first time I've seen this happen." and was actually calling him "Dude." I guess some men are armed with hand guns and others have AK-47s!!!!!!! Frozen peas are back on my grocery list.....

and, yes, Amy, I will post pictures soon....sorry!!!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

el presidente

I am so proud of Bailey. He was elected to student council from his classmates a few months ago. Each class (4th - 6th grade) nominated and elected two representative for the student council. Bailey was one of them from his class. This past week they had elections for student council officers. Bailey ran for president, even though he knew he wasn't going to win. Nobody ran for secretary or treasurer, so he would have been a shoe-in. He's not interested in either of those positions, so he decided to run against all of the "popular girls" for president. He said he knew Kerry would win, because everybody likes her and she's really popular, but he wasn't afraid to try anyway. Two of the candidates backed out, so it was Bailey against three 6th grade girls. They all ran their campaign, to include putting up posters and gave speeches in front of the student body. He called me from his cell phone (he asked to go to the bathroom, and called me from there) 10 minutes after I dropped him off at school to tell me he won! I am SSOOOO proud of him. He says he only has a few friends and he gets picked on a lot at school (he says the boys make fun of him because he's a "know it all" and "teacher's pet" and the girls always giggle at him). Well, the boys are just jealous, and I try to convince him the girls giggle because they think he's cute. He thinks they are just laughing at him. Poor kid!!!! Well, hopefully, this will be a huge ego boost for him, because he's a winner in my eyes :o) I mean, really, somebody has to like him if he got the most votes, right?????? He is such a perfect son and student :o) Okay, my bragging moment is over!!!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

School House Rocks

WARNING.....If dirty words bother you....don't read this post!
The past few weeks I've been asleep by 8:30 or 9:00 every night....nope, I'm not kidding. The break was WONDERFUL. Well, it's past midnight, and I'm sitting at the computer!!!! Gosh, that must mean school as started again...yep! I always put every assignment off until the last minute. I've always been like that and always will be. Anyway, I just finished my paper, but I'm wide awake. I had a double latte this afternoon and two more coffees a couple of hours ago. Usually, caffeine doesn't do this to me, but I'm awake, so I should post something :o)
Well, the first thing that comes to mind is the conversation I had with Bailey this afternoon....brace yourself. I was cooking dinner and feeding Bennett on the counter when Bailey walks in the kitchen and asks (so innocently might I add), "Mom, do you know what a c*** is?" I froze....I couldn't even turn to him to make eye contact. Gosh, why couldn't he have waited 15 minutes and asked Todd when he got home from work? My mind went into do I respond? Play stupid or tell him???? Um, if I play stupid, how long will it be before he learns it from someone else? Will he learn the correct meaning? What else does he know? Okay, if I tell him, how many phone calls will I get from other parents???? That is a scary thought....I think of A Christmas Story....Do you know what Ralphie just said? Do you know who he heard it from? Well, I certainly don't want to have that phone call. So, what do I do? I had about a 2-hour conversation (silently) with myself in a matter of 5 seconds. I turned to him and said, "Yes, I know what a * is. Do you?" He said "no" but some girls at school asked him and his friend today. He said he told them "yes" because he thought they asked if he knew what a "cut" was. He looked at them like they were stupid and said, "uh, ya" and walked away. When the girls asked his friend, his friend said no, and the girls laughed at him. That's when Bailey heard the other word. So, it took every muscle in my face to keep from dying from laughter (and embarrassment) when I proceeded to give him a whole laundry list of words (and anatomically correct names/explanations) he'll likely be hearing in the next couple of years. He's already told me there are "prostitutes" in Jr High (that's less than a year away) and on the walls in the boys' bathrooms are names and "their rates", as he put it! It truly disgusts me to think that my little boy is learning this crap at school (I don't remember how old I was when I started hearing these things), but I guess I can be grateful he feels like he can come to us to ask us things without being embarrassed or getting into trouble. It's so hard raising kids....wish me luck....Lord, help me! As School House Rocks claims, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

"sperm present"

that was the official lab report for Todd's 6 month vasectomy check ;o) How funny is that????? He won't even get near me!!!! Now he has to go for some special work-up to see if the tube grew back together or if he has a 3rd vas (I guess there are some freaks out there that do)! I guess he should have done that 6 week check, huh? Who knew? Funny thing is...I've been bugging him about another baby and he kept saying, "too late"....I guess not :o) He told me yesterday there is NO WAY I can convince him to have another one, and if I'm set on having another one I'll have to find a new husband....anyone out there???? Just kidding :o) Oh well......

I'm looking forward to these next doctor visits (more than Todd is) to find out what the heck is going on. I hope everyone has a good laugh with this one...I know Tiffany and Lisa will!