Monday, May 07, 2007

need a smile? need a good cry?

If any of you can watch this entire clip and not feel at least one little tear well up in your eye (most likely, you'll really get choked up like I did), then you must not be human. The girl who made this video is only 15-years-old! Pass it along :o) It is very heart-warming, but also very sad.....

more random pics for Caden and Cam

practice makes perfect :o)

too cute :o) once we leave here, i never want to see chopsticks again!!!!!!

Here's the picture of the flower "murder"......follow-up from a few posts back :o)

playing on the bunkbeds in the cabin....

Have you EVER seen a cuter cowboy?????, he's going to be a heartbreaker :o)

Caden & Cam random pics

Caden loves playing at the beach.

they actually play nicely together at times.....

a bit more cautious than Caden :o)

Our first bowling outting was very tiring. Todd was working, so it was just the 5 of us......

Oh, Caden couldn't get enough!!!!! He was bowling in our lane and the lane next to us; if his ball didn't get back quickly enough, he'd steal Bailey's ball; he was running around, jumping name it, he fell on it :o) He was quite the little cartoon character!

Bailey random pics

The boys went to see a F22 display. Doesn't he look thrilled?

Here he is after his second tennis win :o)

Everybody pile on Bailey.....that is a common game around here. It's only fun until someone gets hurt though....

The water is a wee bit cold for Bailey yet. He's like his momma and likes warm water :o)

Being a good big bro....hand in hand with mini me!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

random ben pics

happy, happy....
still happy.....
stupid me, i didn't bother rotating's so cute though. what do the hula hoop (or, as cam would say "oola oop") have in common? nothing......well, i guess they both belong to someone else....the hoola hoop is cam's and the toothbrush is caden's.....bennett managed to steal something from both of them.

not so happy.......yep, there's a story's long....yes, it hurt!

should i keep this for future blackmale power? the suit may keep the sun out, but it is quite hideous, ya?

it's been a long time.....

Okay, where in the World do I even begin. I have been such a bad blogger :o) 5 weeks is unacceptable, isn't it???? Oh well, life is grand, and I've been enjoying going to bed early these days! After being pregnant with twins, raising twins, being pregnant while raising twins, having that baby, and spending 18 months working on my degree....I had forgotten what a "full" night of sleep felt's wonderful! Anyway, I'm going to have to grab my calendar to fill you in on what has happened the last 5-6 weeks.

Bailey - for his spring break we went to White Beach (the name is quite misleading....there was no real beach....only places to walk along the beach. Also, it rained just about the entire time, so we were stuck in a little log cabin watching A Bug's Life over and over and over again!!!! We also went and signed up for modeling (that's big business over here). We know 5 or 6 people who have had a few jobs each. We'll see how that works out. He also has a new "interest" these days....her name is Cailee!!!!! She's 10 and quite the little hottie!!!!! He even passed on surfing one afternoon to go watch her at her gymnastics! It helps that her mom and I are friends....he always asks me when we are going to have them over for dinner :o) He also entered another tennis tournament a couple of weeks ago. I can't believe that booger won first place again!!!! I was thinking (hoping) this would be his time to experience defeat, so we can see how he handles it.....nope, that day hasn't come yet. He is such an awesome little athlete!!!! I think that's it for Bailey. We are waiting for baseball season to start in a few weeks and school to end in six weeks!!!!!

Caden & Camden - Cam has managed to break his nose was a very nasty accident on the playground :o( He fell BETWEEN the top stair and the platform and hit is nose on the way down....ouch!!!! Caden has managed to avoid any and all major accidents, although I believe he TRIES to get hurt....I don't get it....I don't know how that kid is still alive. Caden went to the Children's HealthFest with me (I had to work) a few weeks ago and almost had a pediatric heart attack because of Jelly Bean (a clown) who was also working there. My kids are scared to death of clowns. Guess what I won as a door prize at the healthfest?????? You'll never guess :o) Jelly Bean to come do a birthday party.......hahahahahahaha.....of ALL things to win. I think I'm going to have him go to the boys' school for a brief "appearance" when they have their little party at school. I have already ordered a bunch of red clown noses and clown hats for the class to decorate....that should "warm them up" for the arrival of Jelly Bean!!!!!! It may be a very traumatic experience for a whole bunch of little kidlets....we'll see. There is no real "news" with them.....they are still the most evil (but so sweet), bratty (but so lovable), rough/dangerous (but so darling) little fellas you ever met!

Bennett - a month ago he had no teeth (has 3 now), was crawling (walks everywhere now), and was sweet as can be (he's still sweet). He plays so hard with his brothers. He does EVERYTHING they do. He talks back to us (grunts), jumps on his brothers, walks up and loves to give random kisses, climbs up on the couch, "begs" for food, and still eats more than Caden and Cam do. He flirts with everyone who makes eye contact with him and melts everyone's heart! He has that blonde hair, blue eyes, super fat cheeks, and big 'ol dimples.....everyone loves him.

Todd started a new job and we ALL hate it!!!!!! He works long hours.....long, long hours! It sucks!

We were trying to move off base. I found a couple of houses I really like, but they were either too small or already taken. We want to move off base to enjoy the beach more, but we are picky creatures :o) We want it ALL....of course! I'm at the point where I'm not "settling" for much anymore.....there is one more house I want, but the people haven't moved out yet. Our housing lady is working on finding them another house. I told her to hurry, because I want theirs!!!!! NOW!!!!!

Okay, let me go search for a couple of random pictures to post :o)

I knew once I saw all the pictures that I'd realize I forgot a bunch of crap. I remember blogging last year about Bailey's soroban competition (Japanese abacus). He told me he'd do better this year.....he was right! He got 2nd place (actually it was 6th place, because they had one first place and then 9 second place if they would have done first through tenth, he would have gotten 6th)!!!!! I was SSSSOOOOOO proud of him :o)

The weather has been very nice, so we've spent a lot of time at parks. Here's my littlest monkey hanging from a tree at Peace Prayer Park (that's where the Battle of Okinawa museum and suicide cliff is). He was all smiles that day!

Caden found a carnation on the ground (it must have fallen from one of the HUNDRENS of bouquets out there). He carried that flower all over the park.....I'll have to find the picture where he got tired of it and "killed" it :o)

He loved it so much he wanted to "share" it with Cam a little bit!

Here's Cam on the top bunk in our spring break cabin. All Okinawans give the peace sign in pictures. After seeing it so many times, I guess he wanted to try it also.

Okay, yes, I'm off to post more pictures......there are tons......sorry you will see that new post before this one!!!!!!!