Sunday, July 30, 2006

Coming Soon....

I will be blogging this week....promise!!! I have been SO busy trying to keep my head above water. My class ends tonight, and I'm finally going to take a break. I hate to do it, but I need to. I will be blogging ferociously later this week :o) Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Just Another Day....

Oh, did I say it's just another day? Well, not's our anniversary. It's 8:45 pm, and I'm on the computer. Is something wrong with this picture? I'm supposed to be out on a romantic date with my hubby, right? Nope. We're breaks for dinner :o( Moving stinks, especially when you can't even take a break for an anniversary dinner.....oh well.....the honeymoon is over, right?

Anyway, I'm totally excited about the new house. We keep making trips up the road to slowly furnish the place. They are moving us on Monday, but we already have the keys. I can't just sit around and wait on the government!!!! That's the story of my life!!!! There are things I really don't want a bunch of sweaty dudes touching clothes, bed linen, towels, etc. I would feel compelled to wash them all if I had other people touching them, so I'll just move all that on my own :o)

Now I'm off to write a paper for school. Again, another great activity to be accomplishing on my anniversary. So much for that date I's PB&J for me tonight!!!!!!

Toodles for now

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I don't know why I do this to myself.....I drive myself crazy. Really, I will probably have a stroke before I turn 40. I don't think it is possible for one human to be more busy than I am. I have been burning the midnight oil trying to keep my head above water in this dumb Master's program. This class I am currently taking is probably the single most important class in the program. I am developing my research proposal.....oh, it's only 50 pages. Well, knee-deep in this class, we get a phone call Monday night. It was the housing office, and we were FINALLY offered our 4-bedroom house we have been waiting 6 months to get. Went and looked at the house this morning, then went to my appointment to accept/deny the house. Of course I accepted it. Well, we are moving Friday....THIS Friday!!!!! Okay, the movers are coming on Friday to move our government furniture and Monday to move our household goods. Todd had to bow out of his Hawaiian vacation (TDY). Poor guy....he totally deserves a break. He has been such a trooper the past couple of months. He has helped SSSSOOOOOO much with the twins while I have been paying so much attention to Bennett. He was looking so forward to this TDY (he didn't say it, but I know he was), and now he asked to be taken off it so he could help us move. He is so helpful. We could have done it on our own....somehow :o) Where there's a will, there's a way, right? I am so ready to be in that nice big (well, bigger than I've got now) 4-bedroom house WITHOUT STAIRS (Caden might live to see his second birthday after all). Anyway, there aren't enough hours in a day now to do everything I have to do. I don't see how I'm going to squeeze in a move too! Oh boy! Maybe I should just stop nursing and take up drinking.......maybe I wouldn't get so frazzled about all this chaos. I know, I's my own fault :o)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Meeny, Miney, and Mo (Caden, Cam, and Bennett)

Here are a few pictures from the week. Bailey (Eeny) has been hiding at the pool all week, so I don't have any pictures of him. He had golf camp in the morning, and then took off on his bike to the pool until they closed. He is SSSSOOOOOO tan....he is BLACK!!!!!!!

I love these little hats. I found a lady on eBay who makes anesthesia caps, and I got her to make little miniature caps with Curious George fabric. The boys love to wear their little hats....they love George too! Here is Cam with his :o)

Here is Bennett with the must be a daddy thing!!!! Mommies like their babies to feel close and secure....daddies just drag them around....I don't get it! Look at that fuzzy head :o) I'm sure he will lose all that fuzz and be bald for a while, just like all my other babies :o( I hope he loses it quickly and it grows back quickly!!!!! I hope it stays brown too. Bailey needs a brother with his brown hair. The little blonde-hair, blue-eyed twins don't look anything like Bailey. Bennett has a darker complexion than the pasty white twins, so maybe his hair will stay dark too!

Isn't he adorable? He is gaining weight quickly. All he does is eat, I swear. Every time he wakes up, he freaks out until I feed him. He can't get enough. He is going to be my little fatty!!!!

Crazy crazy Caden. He has this thing about wearing sunglasses....loves 'em! Here he is watching cartoons first thing in the morning with his sunglasses on.......upside down!!!! Duh!!! He doesn't care though.....This picture is SO Caden!!!!!!

Cam could care less about sunglasses.........all he cares about is "baby"...... loves his new little brother. He can't get enough of him. He kisses him all day long. He gets diapers for me. He puts the pacifier in his mouth when he cries. He just adores him. He wants to hold him all the time. I really have to keep an eye on Cam with the baby, because I'm afraid he is going to try to pick him up on his own when I'm not looking......he tries to be such a big brother :o)