Saturday, October 28, 2006

ever felt like you weren't the college type????? you shouldn't!!!!!!

Okay, y'all want to feel like rocket scientists? Here you go....these little paragraphs actually came from someone in one of my Master's classes. I copy/pasted these to a document last year (it was one the first classes in my program) to go back and look at when A) I need a good laugh, and B) to prove that ANYONE can get a Master's Degree. I'm glad I saved them, because I'd like to share some of my frustrations with all of you. This is the stupidity I have had to deal with during the past year......

Research to me is find out information that you did not know anythingabout. For example if you wanted more information about how an writergot started with his career the only thing you would have to do is puthis name in the address and search on the internet. The internet is thewonderful place to do your research because it was not available back inthe 50's and 60's or the 70's I don't think. There is a whole new worldthat is open up to up and we should used it as much as possible.

To tell you the truth I really never been in that kind of a situationbecause I never had a professional job in my life unless it was NursingAssistance or Housekeeping for someone else. When I became a nursingassistance I wanted to help the elderly people that was in their homeand the rest home. But when I saw how some of the nurse treat thoseelderly people I had to get away from that kind of work. If I had notstop working in that kind of worked I would have been in trouble,because of my anger toward those other nurse. I was still going toschool but I wanted something more for myself. Then in 2003 I startedtaken class online to get my BS in Computer Information System andfinished up on September 12, 2005. I was alway taught to treated theelderly people with kindness and respect.

In the beginning everything was going very smooth. I turn in my firstassignment but in the wrong place. I would go to the chat room everyother day until I did it four out of five time a week. Then when theteacher told me that he did not have my first assignment I told him thatI put it in on Sunday of the first week. Then the next thing was thegroup of Team A. I did not know which one that I belong to until aboutThursday of Week 2. When I started this second class I am going to be ontop of everything. I still got work to do but I am going to worked alittle hard this time because I wanted the best grade I can get and thatis by doing everything that I possible can do for myself and my familybecause they are behind me 100%. I don't wanted to let them down.

This is what I have learned from the lecture is that by working togethera person can combined their individual talents and their experienceswith their group's members, and they will be able to cover more materialthan they could if they were working on the assignment individual. Whenyou attended some college like the traditional one that don't never dogroup that much. But when you go online and take a class they worked ingroup alot and that why it is very important to me because when you getfinished with your Master Degree and any other degree you decide to gofor it will help you when you get a job in your field. You will be ableto worked with difference people at your jobs whether it is two peopleor fifty people.

Describe what self-improvement strategies you will use in this last week to push through and successfully complete this class? -try to have my homework on time if possible.-started making a schedule from now on so I wanted behind in my study.-use the chat session as much as possible to response to other people inthe classes.-try to finished this last paper before Tuesday.

Do you understand why I drink now????????????

strike a pose

Who says I can't be a Cover Girl model?

Friday, October 27, 2006


this is the funniest shit ever....i can't get enough of it.....i can't stop laughing....i know, i'm a nerd!!!!

One up....

Everything is a competition between Caden and Cam. Who gets up earlier, who gets their vitamin first in the morning, who gets to go get the mail with mommy, who gets to pick out their clothes first.....everything! Well, we pretty much know that Caden will be the first for many things.....breaking his arm, getting a black eye, knocking out his teeth, etc. Well, Cam is one up on Caden now....Caden WANTS stitches like Cam. Funny thing is, Caden isn't even the cause of Cam's stitches....Cam is (Bailey was also a contributing factor).
Honestly, I'm really surprised it has taken this long for one of them to get stitches. Only 3 little stitches too. He was quite the trooper getting them put in. I remember when Bailey got his first (and only) stitches....he was only 9 1/2 months (that's what you get when you have an early walker) and screamed bloody murder the entire time. Cam did very well :o)

So, here it is, Friday night, and I'm sitting here at the computer....warm blanket around me, nice LARGE glass of wine in front of me, getting ready to tackle some homework while Todd and Bailey are out. I'm not even sure where they are....playing pool maybe? Older kids sure are easy (well, in some respects....certainly not others....believe it or not, they actually get harder!!! I know those of you with little kids don't believe me, but you just'll see). How was that for a tangent? I'm very good at that :o)

Okay, ideas (anyone) on how to get my baby to eat? All three of my kids were SCARFING down food by 3-4 months....never had a problem getting them to eat cereal. A couple tries to get them used to it, then I couldn't keep it coming fast enough. Bennett wants NOTHING to do with cereal. He loves to watch other people eat, and gets really excited....opens his mouth and kicks. When it's time for him to eat, he just lets it sit in his mouth and waits until it gets really watery before spitting it out. Maybe he doesn't like it???? I put cereal in his bottle though, and he loves it. I'm open to suggestions.

The shirt says it all!

Have a great weekend, everyone :o)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

time flies

Today was a nice, relaxing day. After I took the boys to school (gosh I love Wednesdays!), I went over to Connie's house and BSed for a couple of hours. She made cookies and fed my fat...don't you love friends who help you get fatter?
Yesterday we had a couple of people over. Some guys Todd worked with at Tinker are here TDY for the week, so we thought we'd have them over to our house (aka, the ghetto). We got to hear about the nice, big houses they bought up in Alaska while we sat around our 1950 typhoon-safe, concrete box! Oh, the jealousy was oozing out of me....I can't wait to get back and buy another house. I miss having my own house....a BIG house....and, believe me, our next house will be a frickin' monster of a house.....3,000 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 living rooms.....I don't care....after living in this shoe box with 4 kids, I'm not settling for anything less (that was my foot you just heard go down)! Anyway, it was cool to see John and Jeff. It doesn't even seem like it's been 15 months since we left Oklahoma. The only thing missing was Beth and Karen :o) I could almost hear them here :o) The AWACS community is cool, because we'll all end up back together somewhere, someday. Even though Jeff is getting out, we'll probably run into him back at Tinker....that's just the way AWACS works! We were with John and Beth for almost 7 years. When we met them, we just had Bailey (he was only 4) and they didn't have any kids. Now they have 3 boys and we have 3 more also. Gosh, time flies....I can't believe how quickly time flies by. Anyway, it was good to see old "Vikings" here :o) Todd even cooked last night (hahahaha....the grill was horrible). It turned out okay though :o)
The blogging will probably slow down now that my next class has started. The workload doesn't seem too terrible, but there is a new online system I just can't seem to get the hang of....that is taking too much of my time. I can't wait until April when I graduate. I was supposed to start a job (not a real job, a fun job....only 12 hours a week) next spring/summer when someone leaves, but she is wanting to quit this winter sometime. I'll have to start early so someone else doesn't snatch it up. I was hoping to be done with school before I start....oh well.
Other than that.....same old shit over here!!!!!!

Friday, October 20, 2006


Okay, ya, was talking to a friend today, and she mentioned that if she died tomorrow, her kids would never know what their mother looked like, because she never gets in any pictures. Uh, ya, I can relate to that! So, this ONE is for you, I am holding you during your evening nap. A nice fake smile just for you :o) Okay, so can we all see why I never get in any pictures? I won't elaborate on this....
My big butt should be doing sit-ups instead of vegetating at the computer! Todd ditched me for poker with the guys tonight....can you believe that??????? Oh, what a bozo! He'd better win some money....the O Club just got a new furniture shipment from China, and I'd like one of his drunk friends he works with to support my spending habit:o) Friday night...Todd is playing poker, Bailey is spending the night with a friend, the three little ones are asleep, and loser Kris, is on the computer!
Anyway, I've been thinking....I need to start another blog...a bitch blog! That's all I ever do around here these days is bitch, bitch, bitch. I asked Todd last night if he checked out the new pictures I put on the blog yesterday. His response was, "Ya, and what's up with that anyway? Where is all this happy crap coming from? Two days ago you hated the world." It's not that I hate the world, my dear's that you flipped a switch. You'd think by now he'd know about these switches....HELLO!!!! He's a smart guy....really, he's quite brilliant, actually! It's just an testosterone vs estrogen thing, I guess. So, an estrogen-driven blog may be what the doctor ordered, because this blog was designed to be a happy, family blog. I'm thinking there would be a screening process on who gets the address though :o) Hmmm....I'll keep you updated on may just come down to a time issues. I mean, I have SO much extra time on my hands these days, right? Uh, no. Actually, my two-week break is almost up....another class awaits my presence in only 4 days. Another 6 weeks of hell is just ahead...bring it on! Only 4 more classes left...I can do this...i think :o( Well, I guess I could go do laundry or something productive....

....oh ya, those sit-ups

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


85 degrees and perfect! It is a sunshiny day!!!! I've been singing this song to Bennett all day, so I thought I'd sing it to all of you across the miles (and countries) that contribute, or have contributed, to the sunshine in my life...

You are my Sunshine
My only Sunshine
You make me happy
When skys are gray
You'll never know, Dear
How much I love you
Please don't take my Sunshine away!

Although they're small, they are the largest source of my sunshine :o)

Thursday, October 12, 2006


I remember loving, loving, loving, bubble baths as a kid. I remember my Grandma's big pink bottle of Avon bubbles :o) Actually, I still love bubble, I'll spare you the pictures of ME in the bubble bath, but I will share these...

None of you reading this can say you haven't made bubble hair before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Kadena Marina

The weather is finally cooling off a little. I mean it's still hot, but the heat is tolerable these days. The marina has such a nice little beach. We love to take the boys out's just such a pain. Caden wants to throw sand, chase fish, drown himself....he is a full-time job all by himself. So, it is very hard to take the twins AND the baby to the beach....doesn't happen often! Here is Caden with Bailey's goggles on...he thinks he's swimming :o)
Cam thinks he's swimming too. He's my retarded kid :o) God love him....I just want to hold him and "protect" him from the world....he is so sweet! He sure is playing it safe here!!!! Holy cow....Bailey blessed us with his presence today. Look how tan he is next to the twins....and skinny! His waist is probably the same as their waists are :o) really :o)
Poor Bennett.....only a spectator year, Buddy, next year...........
He had a good time though. Look how happy that little man is. Oh, I could just eat that little baby up :o)


I remember "American" Mongolian BBQ....vaguely!!! Try Korean BBQ, if you dare. Forget the days of beef, chicken, or pork as your choices of meat. Try beef #1 (horse maybe?), beef #2 (kitty cat maybe?), beef #3 (puppy maybe?)....etc...there are about 15 different trays of meat.....who knows? The meat is "red" but the writing is all Japanese....hhhmmmmm. Then there is the seafood you can see, I chose a cute little feller to cook up in the center of our tabletop grill!!!! There was a big bowl with about 50 of these little dudes in it.......ick!
No, I didn't eat him :o) I had to put him UNDER a plate as I ate the other food, because he was looking at me!!!!!!
Oh, the Japanese cuisine is only for the very adventurous American!

Lost in translation

I love love love to read the Japanese signs that are supposed to be English. Some of them crack me up for days!!!!!!!
This is supposed to say "Parking strictly prohibited without permission" How funny is that????
Connie and I saw this one night and were DYING laughing. It says "I feel like a GLANT today" instead of "I feel like a GIANT today" I can see how an L and an I look similar :o) I almost peed my pants when I saw this one proudly displayed in a retail store!!!!!

Not sure what these little car pictures represent. Usually Bailey can figure them out for me....this one lost us.

I know this one is sideways, but it's worth turn your head for. This one took us a while to figure out....go ahead and give it a shot.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Sunday outting

Last Sunday we took a trip to the botanical gardens. They have BEAUTIFUL grounds here. I'd post pictures of the scenery, but I'd rather post pictures of the kidlets :o) Let me just say that the Japanese people are very artistic and this island has fabulous landscaping. Anyway, here are my little creatures running up to the tree house! They were gone as soon as they saw the stairs way down there. You can barely see them in the distance.

Of course, everything is a race....and, of course, if there is a competition at hand, Caden refuses to take second place.....hhhmmmm, I don't know where he gets that from!

He was even ready to take on this 200 lb tortoise....he could probably kick it's ass too!!!!!!!! I swear, this is one tough little cookie :o)

Bennett was lovin' the outdoors and the breeze. He looks so cute just hanging out with the family. He watches everything those boys do. He can't wait to be wrestling around with them. He just watches and laughs....He likes being the baby though. He somehow KNOWS he's the baby and will get what he wants. Everyone caters to him....even the twins :o)

Gee, what do you know? Bailey is missing from these pictures.....he misses about 75% of our outtings these days. He'd rather do his own thing. He thinks he's the man these days......

Now that I'm done with my class (I have a 2-week break...yeah!!!) I'll try to post some pictures every day :o) Ya, I have that many!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

picture time

I have tons and tons of pictures to go through. I just cleared my two cameras and have about 200 new pictures! There are about 10 different days of pictures, so I can't possibly do an entire blog entry with pictures for each of them....not nearly enough free time! I'll pick some of my favorites and write a little something about them though.

Look at my little surfer!!!! Bennett is getting so big. I can't believe he'll be 4 months old on Wednesday. He is such a good baby, too. He is so long as he's being held. He loves bathtime, his brothers lovin' on him, and daddy tickling his feet with his whiskers. He has the cutest little smile and adorable giggle to go along with it :o)

Those little fat cheeks are fun to squeeze. I suck on his little chubby cheeks all day long. They are pretty irresistable :o)

We have quite the little get-up for all three of the monsters. They will ALL fit on this stroller. The back is just a stool and a platform, so one can sit, and one can stand. Bennett hates his carseat but really isn't big enough for a real stroller seat yet....he falls to the side and gets really mad. Another month or so, and this stroller will be my best friend!

When Bailey gets out of the shower and starts doing weird crap with his hair, it's time for a cut!!! You'd think he'd learn.....every time he comes out doing something like this I tell him he has to go get it cut....he gripes and moans and says he wants to grow it out! Duh, when your hair looks this bad, it's not up to you anymore!!!!!