Saturday, June 16, 2007


School is out (finally) and we are getting ready to start our busy, busy summer :o) The twins will stay in "school" so Bailey and I (with Bennett in tow) can go to the pool, beach, arcade, etc. and finally have some time together this summer.

Bailey will be starting 7th grade....I can't believe it. He tested for math placement and is one of only 20 seventh graders (out of 500) to be in Algebra. We are very proud of him. He will be taking 2 high school classes....Algebra and Japanese I. By the time he starts high school he'll have 4 credits already....Algebra, Geometry, and both years of foreign language (Japanese, of course). So, of course, we are very proud of him :o)

He is full-swing into tennis (private and group lessons every week) and loving it!!!! He is hoping to be on the high school tennis team this year. They accept middle school kids if they have room on the team. He is excited :o)

Bennett is just a joy....such a smart, happy baby. He can hold his own with his brothers! He is quite the daddy's boy. He wants daddy first thing in the morning and always has tons of kisses for him. He gets very happy in the evening when daddy comes home from work also. Todd loves having a daddy's boy.....finally :o)

The twins are usual :o) Every day of our lives will be a test......

Daddy's been working long hours, but will get a little break this week. We are taking the kids to Okuma (the island resort) to spend a few days. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and we won't get fried the very first day. It should be relaxing (maybe....) and fun for all :o) (On a side note, Todd just walked in the room and told me Caden should be put in a home. He said he's not kidding and he needs help. At just 3 years old he can tell Caden is going to seriously hurt himself or someone else.....I can only laugh it off and pray it passes).

I've started a 12-week "bootcamp" that my baby is a year old, the baby fat should be gone :o) I'll give overall numbers at the END of the program.....I'm excited and doing well!!!!!! My trainer is HARD CORE and I work my butt off.....hopefully, I will literally work my butt off.....and thighs and gut!!!!!!

Here are a few blogs of just pics to update y'all.......cheers! hugs! kisses! love! friendship! happy thoughs! warm wishes!

School Program

The boys had a cute, little, end-of-year school program. It was adorable to watch them do their little songs and dances. Caden (for some strange reason) gets very shy and won't do anything but stand there. I don't understand how the wild, crazy one just shuts down like that.....weird.


I can't believe my baby is a year old. Here are some pics from his party :o) It wasn't really a "party"......every meal is a party with 4 boys!!!!!! Good times.......

my boys

Here are some pics of all my boys. I swear, they are all so damn cute :o)