Friday, September 29, 2006

Behind again :o(

Yes, I see I am behind on blogging AGAIN!!!!! I have another week and a half in this class, and then I'm taking another 2 week break....yeah!!!! So, I'll get pictures up then :o) I've got some good ones :o) Well, my kids are so gosh darn adorable....of course I've got good ones...duh!!!!!!! Bennett has been ssssoooooo sick this week. We were at the Pediatrician ALL day Wednesday....cathedarizing a 3-month-old is not fun....poor baby!!!! It took 5 different people to finally draw blood on the poor baby. Then, the chest x-ray.....what an ordeal. That poor baby was tortured!!!! Then we were in the ER the next night because his fever was back up over 103 again. Oh my gosh....a nightmare! He's finally sleeping again. He didn't sleep more than 30 minutes at a time for 4 FULL days....that means I didn't either. So, I have been catching up on school work like crazy!
Caden and are they, you ask? Funny as shit, I tell you!!!!! Last night, Todd said, "Okay, it's night night time. I don't want any talking or getting out of bed. If you get out of bed, I'm going to come in and give you spankings. Do you understand?" Caden replied, "Yes please." How funny is that?????????????? Now that they use "please" and "thank you", they mess it all up! It is so funny :o) I'm glad they use their little manners though. There's hope for them yet!!!! I opened a Sprite the other day and Cam was BEGGING me for some. So, I got a straw out and stuck it in the can. I handed it to him. He drank some and gave me a big grin and the bubbles surprised him and said, "Me like it, mommy!" He is so darling! They talk so much....they never shut up, from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed. I laugh ALL day long :o)
Okay, I'll catch up more in a week and a half when I can forget about this lame class. Why am I even doing this? Am I really ever going to work outside of this house again??????????? No way....that's what Todd is for :o)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rainbow Montessori

Just a quick little post, since I haven't posted anything in ages!!!! Busy, busy, busy with AND the boys! Yep, they started school last week. I wanted to get them into a M-W-F program, but the program coordinator said I could only do M-T-W or W-H-F. She said little ones do much better if the days are consecutive instead of spread out. Well, they love it. Of course they cry when I leave them in the morning, but they end up loving it. They say "school?" all the time. They want to go back every morning :o) It is a Montessori school off base. The class is about half American children and half Japanese children. There are 18 kids in the class and 3 teachers....little Japanese teachers. The LOVE the boys. Japanese people love blonde hair and blue eyes AND they love twins....they've got it made! Anyway, gotta run, but here is a picture of them getting out of the van on their first day of school :o) Caden is incapable of saying "cheese" without being goofy.

Here are the little cheese balls wearing daddy's hat. Usually daddy wears a blue flight cap, so when he breaks out the camo hat, the boys love it. They fight over it continuously. I need to march my butt over to military clothing sales and get them their own. I think I'll replace the bars with stars for them though....

Caden with daddy's hat

Cam with daddy's hat

Sunday, September 03, 2006

AAFES advertising....WTF????

Okay, Mel...this one's for you!!!! Who else could appreciate such a great advertisement? Do I really need to post my thoughts of this picture? I'll pass.....

Do I send this in to Maxim, or what?

Catching Up!!!

School has begun! Bailey is a big 6th grader...he loves that! Big man on campus, scoping out the new cute girls, hangin' with his friends, you know...typical boy stuff! Yes, I started back up also. My 4 week break was WAY too short! I hate school......that sounds funny coming from a teacher's mouth!!!! Well, I do! I'm just sick of being a student...that's all.

Well, here are a few pictures before I dive into my homework. The infamous "Daddy drinks because I cry" shirt.....of course all three little ones have them!!!! I went (with my friends, not Todd...he had to stay home with the kids) to Okinapa Friday night. It is a huge, annual wine-tasting event where vendors from Germany, Italy, France, California, etc are all set up. There are hundreds of wines and tons of food! So, needless to say, our shelves are STOCKED.....we both drink because the kids cry. Moms aren't supposed to admit that though, so they only make the shirts for dad! They sure look cute in them!!!!

My friend Courtney offered to watch Bennett (wow, that was hard to do) so I could take the kids to the water park a couple of weeks ago. Well, more like a pool with a slide and a lazy river....but it was fun. Caden was a psyched up in his little floatie suit....until we got there....he shed that quickly! He was bouncing around the house in it though....

Cam actually fell asleep in this floatie. His head just slowly sunk until....splash....he woke up quickly! I had to lay my arm across the front of it so he could take a little nap and not drown.