Wednesday, August 23, 2006


There was a little puddle on our street after a good rain one day, so we decided to go play in it for a while until dinner was done. We didn't know the bottom was full of dirt until AFTER we stomped in it. Oh what fun! Those of you who have boys can appreciate this picture. Those of you who don't have boys should be thankful you don't have takes a special mommy to embrace children such as these! Yes, the shirts were white. By the way, we love them Aunt Tiffany! If you made them, make more.....we fight over the puppy shirt!

I know this looks stupid...I didn't realize I never turned it until after I posted it. I'm too lazy to delete it, go back to my picture program, rotate it, then upload it to the site can turn your head :o) I told the little snot to smile and he tried to poke me with a stick!!!!!!

Is it possible for Cam to NOT be darling???? NEVER!!!!

Is it possible for Caden to be normal???? We're still waiting!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

BIG Booger

Little Booger....ha! Bennett had his two month well baby today. He's my little Butterball. He's in the 90th percentile for weight and 3rd percentile for height. She (the doctor) said he could miss a few meals and not starve. He is all cheeks and belly! Too it!!!!

Here are a couple pictures of the boys smothering him!

Cam can't stay away from him!
Here's a big smootch!
Caden can't be left out of anything!
Bennett is looking for another kiss-a-roo!!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Little Booger

Little Booger is getting pretty big, huh? I forgot how quickly time flies when they are little. He is getting so fat :o) All this boy does is eat! He would eat every hour, if I'd let him.....not going to happen. He loves to smile and coo at everyone. His chubby cheeks are so yummy :o) He is sweet little thing.....I can't believe he's my last! I just love them at this age! Look how cute.....

He loves that Bailey, too! He's so good for him. When Bailey holds him, he just looks up at him and stares :o) Bailey is such a great big brother. He is so attentive to Bennett's needs. He is always checking on him and getting his pacifier for him. He makes sure Caden and Cam aren't playing to roughly around him or taking his toys. As much as I think he misses being an only child, he sure plays the role of big brother perfectly!!!!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006


(inhale).......AAHHHHHHH! Finally, a break!!!! I am finally done with the class from hell!!!! Honestly, I was planning on quitting :o( I blew off my BIG assignment and was planning on just throwing in the towel. I only completed 30 of my 50 page paper, so I was planning on not getting any points for that assignment (25% of my grade) and taking a C in the class. Yep, that's enough to make me quit. University of Phoenix teachers grade SSSOOOOOOOOOO easy....what a professor gave me an A- on a total piece of crap paper. What was she thinking???? She said I need to add more to my literature review, but it is an "excellent" paper. I wouldn't let anyone read sucks!!!! Oh can I quit now? That was my hardest class, and it's over. I still have to finish up that paper (I have to present it at a public workshop), because in my very last class I have to write the last 2 chapters before it is published.....yes, published....can you believe it? Anyway, that A- brought my 4.0 down to a 3.94 which sucks, but life could be worse, right? So, instead of quitting, I just decided to take a break....only 4 weeks. Life has been good though. I get to spend more time doing stuff I want to do. I can actually spend time with the kids and not be preoccupied thinking about what I need to do for class after they go to bed. I go to bed before midnight now, too.....not much before shopping has dominated my late it!!!!!!!

This next week I have to catch up on emails. I have so many people to write back to! Sorry if you are one of those'll hear from me soon :o)

We have been working on potty training :o) Well, Caden has been....Cam couldn't give a crap. He likes getting treats when Caden sits on the potty :o) Caden is actually doing very well. I'm surprised, because Bailey didn't even start until about 3 months before his 3rd birthday. My expectations of Caden were low, and he has far exceeded them. He goes on the potty (#2) at least 3 times every day!!!! He pees maybe once or twice.....he's a pooper though :o) I guess it's easier to feel that coming and hold it a little longer....I don't know....I don't remember potty training :o)

Let's see....what else? Bailey only has 3 more weeks of summer left. He is excited to start back at school. I can't believe he is a 6th grader. Gosh, that's enough to make any mom feel old. Next year he'll start Jr I that old????? Ya, I am.....I've been researching lunchtime lipo for when we go back to the states in 2 more years......I definitely see it in my future! Todd will argue and say he's not paying for me to get lipo....he's right....he's paying for me to get lipo AND a tummy tuck. He just doesn't know it yet :o) That's what that bonus is for, right? He gets them every year, and I haven't touched a penny of one of them.....yet. I'm raising his babies...I deserve one of them, right? I won't even use the whole thing....I have 2 years to plea my case.....

Bailey has his last 2 weeks of tennis camp these next couple of weeks. He loves it! Then that last week of summer break he is taking the Red Cross babysitting class. He watches the twins so much for us, he really needs to take the class. He is very good with them, but you never know when there will be an emergency, so he needs to be prepared :o)

I guess that's it for now. Pictures will come soon.......

Happy Birthday BOYS!!!!!

All of the good pictures (opening presents) are on the big camera and haven't been downloaded to the computer yet, but here are a couple pictures of the boys with their birthday cakes. Caden HATED having everyone sing Happy Birthday to him. As much as that boy loves being the center of attention, I thought he'd put on a show for us. He gave us "stink eye" (as we call that dirty look he gives us when he's made) and kept yelling "NO!!!" louder and louder........
Cam didn't like us singing to him either, but he was mesmorized by the burning candles (thought there was going to be an "issue" with the candles for a second there). They both blew out their candles and still ask for "cake?" when I ask them what they want for breakfast or lunch. There is no such thing as left over cake with big mama around....I love cake :o)
We had a low key birthday. We had a normal day and then opened presents when daddy got home from work. They got tricycles, Little Tykes golf clubs/balls, Little Tykes T-ball sets, Fisher Price Bubble Mower, and some stuff from family (toddler power tools, clothes, money, etc). Then we had the Watts' come over to have cake with us. Landon is only a few months older than the boys, so they like playing with him. He brought them some really cute trucks (BIG ones). They loved opening more presents!

"Eat" "Eat" "Eat"

When Caden is ready to eat, he is ready at that moment. He grabs a Sponge Bob paper plate (no, I don't feed my kids on paper plates...they are left over from their birthday cake) and gets in his chair. He doesn't sit in his chair. He stand up on the ARMS of the booster seat and yells "eat, eat, eat" over and over again. He'll even start to jump and laugh when he falls. When he's done eating, he does the same thing. He doesn't yell anything though....he only does it because it makes Cam laugh and he LIKES IT when I yell at him. What is wrong with my children?????

Snack Time

Cam keeps me laughing too! One morning they asked for pretzels, so they each got their little snack bowl and started eating. I walked by Cam and noticed him playing with his feet. I stood there and watched......

Step 1: Carefully place the pretzel between the big toe and the second toe.
Step 2: Grab your heel and pull your foot up to your mouth.
Step 3: Eat the pretzel :o)
What a total freak! I love him so much though....we can deal with his retardedness!!!!!