Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Daily Grind

Well, I've already managed to let an entire week pass without updating on the blog....like there is something exciting to post....nope! This past week has been your typical daily grind. We didn't do anything exciting over the weekend, really. Bailey had his end-of-season baseball party...BO-RING....then we went looking at cars. I think we are going to get a new (well, not new) car for Todd. We're going to let Jeff and Connie use our van when they get here, until they get their cars. I'll drive the station wagon (and you thought a minivan was bad) and Todd will drive his car. Then, once they get their cars, we'll get rid of Todd's car. His car can't fit all 6 of us :o) I'm excited about the station wagon, really, I am, because it is the old-fashioned kind (every car/van here is old) that has the two seats in the very back that face backwards.........perfect place for the twins.....they'll love it back there! Anyway, that was the extent of our weekend!
Bailey is getting geared up for his Soroban (some weird Japanese math stuff) competition next week and his school's spelling bee and geography bee.........he is a busy little bee.....study, study, study! He was on the Principal's Honor Roll AGAIN....of course! That kid has never gotten anything less than an "A" on a single report card....I'm jealous!!!!!!!! I got horrible grades in elementary school. I wonder what grade he'll be in when he finally does get a "B" and how devastating it will be to him..........oh, I dread that day!
Well, today is EXCITING laundry day...whoo hooooo! As you can see, the boys like laundry day....they like to play in the pile of pillows before they get washed....someone always gets hurt!

Then they like to be wrapped up in the warm blankets when they come out of the dryer! What kid doesn't like that? I still do!

The damn dog next door is barking and driving me nuts. He's tied up outside and it's raining....he's not happy; therefore, I'm miserable listening to him! Well, I'm off to catch up on school work....what a nightmare! This class is going to kick my butt. I am so far behind. I hate school!!!! I did get a small scholarship from the annual Officer Spouse Club scholarship though....every little bit helps! There were 24 winners and they are having a little cermony event for us and everything.......how cute!!!! You can't win if you don't apply, right? That was easy money :o) Anyway, off to get some homework done.........catch ya next week!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

baby or toddler?

I'm wondering if I'm pregnant with a baby or a toddler at this point!!!! I went in for another ultrasound today. In the beginning, my 5-week ultrasound, my 8-week ultrasound, AND my 12-week ultrasound showed the baby measuring exactly (to the day) where it should be...that's always nice :o) Well, by the 25-week ultrasound he was measuring 7-10 days ahead of where he should have. Today, he is a FULL 2 weeks ahead of where he should be. I am only 31 weeks and he should be 3 lbs 5 oz....he is measuring 33 weeks and weighs 4 lbs 5 oz already!!!! That is what Caden weighed when he was born!!!! I still have 8 more weeks to go....I'm dying here! He is in the 95th percentile.......duh, my little body was not made to carry a 95th percentile child! I've always liked my "little" babies. I swear, he's going to come out looking like my other kids looked when they were 3 months old. Once again, "Be Careful What You Wish For"..... right? Ya, I'm glad I'm having another C-section. I don't think I could physically give birth to a toddler! Maybe he likes my midnight Oreos TOO much :o)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Bonding Time

Of course, now that it is Monday, and Todd is back at work, and Bailey is back at school, it is sunny and beautiful! I don't think we saw the sun at all last week. It either rained or was overcast. Todd and Bailey got some sailing in one morning and some snorkling another morning, but that was the extent of their bonding time during Spring Break. The rest of the time we took the babies to the park or something like that....Bailey always (usually) opts to stay home and play with friends! He missed our outting to Ryuku Mura (an old Okinawa villiage) where we got to see the Habu (snake) and Mongoose demonstration. Caden has decided he likes snakes!!!!! Yuck!!!!! He got to touch one, and then kept eyeballing and pointing to the box where the guy put it. He wanted it again! Anyway, it is a neat little old villiage where they show you how they press sugarcane (using oxen) , make pottery, and live in authentic Okinawa villiages....it is nestled in the jungle, so it is very realistic. We also went to the zoo....they boys looked right at home! Of course, their favorites were the monkeys.....monkey see, monkey do! Those pictures will have to come later, because they are on the other camera....of course!

Future MLB player

After watching Bailey play baseball this past spring, the boys love to get their "gear" and play. Poor Cam is a little confused.....looks like he'll be a lefty, but his glove goes on his left hand. I need to find a little tiny glove for a right hand. Caden is a natural baseball player though. He has all the moves down. If I tell him to pitch, he'll stand side ways, wind up, kick his front leg up, and throw that ball. His aim is better than mind is too! He's really funny, because he loves to watch baseball on tv too. When they pitch the ball and someone hits it, he runs around the house like he's running bases.....it's pretty cute! The bad part is that he screams for the real baseball, which I don't allow. We make him use a tennis ball, and he knows the difference.
Ready to throw a ball right at my head!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Spring Break

AKA.....sit-inside-the-house-because-it's-raining break......doesn't it always work that way? We have had such beautiful weather the past week though....sunny, warm, fresh. Poor Bailey doesn't have much going on for Spring Break. Most of his friends went on vacation, so he's stuck with me and his brothers. He had his last baseball game last night....we're sad the season ends so soon over here. Now he's helping me gear up for Easter! We have tons of eggs to fill for the little guys. We are also making Jello Jiggler Eggs this week....we made lime today :o) I think he says they are for the babies but will eat most of them himself :o) We're never too old for Jello, right? Todd is taking leave Wed-Fri and planning on doing some fun stuff with Bailey, if the weather cooperates. He really wants to take him sailing! The babies and I don't have big plans this week. We have play group on Thursday, but our Wednesday play date is cancelled this week due to Spring Break. We have a HUGE egg hunt to go to on Saturday that will be so much fun if the weather is nice! Four age-group hunts with 10,000 eggs....most are filled with candy, but some have prize certificates in them....bikes, games, toys, Play Stations, Game Boys, TVs, VCRs, tons and tons of Easter Baskets and other prizes. The 1-3 age group is first and we'll just have to see if we stay long enough for the 11-15 age group hunt. I think that is a little old, but when there are prizes to be won, you can't win that arguement with an 11-year-old! That's about all for now! I'm finishing up another class this week....yeah!!!!! Start another next week....boo!!!!!! I hate it, but I'm getting it done.......that's all that matters :o) Here are a couple of pictures of the rugrats and the baseball player!!!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Okay, so obviously I didn't major in graphic design or anything technology-based.....Now that I see how lame the picture layout is, I'm giving up on even trying. If you don't like the way they look, don't look at them. I will continue to add them just so everyone can see how adorable my children are :o) but know that I know the layout looks dumb!!!!! Okay, enough for one day (I think that is 5 today).......until next time.....

Sweet cheeks....

Although more than 50% of the backyard is shaded, Caden managed to spend a good chunk of time in that hot Okinawan sun. Aren't those rosey little cheeks just adorable? He is definitely "the fairest of them all" in our house. They sure were filthy after playing outside all afternoon. There is so much grass out there....why do they always play in the dirt?

I think she's got it!!!!

Duh, I guess that little button that says "add another picture" is how I get more than one picture per posting!!!!!! Call me stupid....I swear, pregnancy makes me dumb! Anyway, Cam finally woke up from his nap and was able to explore his cage also! He will play back there for hours...really. I won't even hear him. He will be on one end of the yard putting rocks and dirt and weeds in his little bucket and then go dump them out somewhere else over and over again. He'll find a little puddle of water in a crack in the cement and just wash his hands or shoes. He'll sit and blow on a Dandelion stem until he gets EVERY single little seed off of it....I usually find them stuck to his lips too! The boys LOVE their Jeep also. I'm so glad I was able to put it in the back yard. Caden will put his foot on that pedal and not let up until he runs into something and can't go any farther.....the wheels just keep spinning and he looks at me like, "fix it now!!!" So, the fence is a good stopper! Cam is always just along for the ride....doesn't care about driving, just wants to be a part of it.

All boy

Here is Caden trying to figure out how he is going to climb one of the trees in the back yard. I swear, this kid is so "boy" it is scary. There is nothing he won't try!!!! Anything daddy or Bailey does, he has to try it in his own cute little way.

The Zoo

The zoo has been complete for almost a week now, I have just had a hard time with this stupid blogging. I get a nice long blog up and then try to add pictures....I can only add one picture to each posting...I don't get it!!!!! It makes me mad!!!! Then I get frustrated and walk away.....never post anything. So, I guess it is time to sit down and create a few postings so I can add pictures!!!!!
This first picture is of Caden exploring the perimeter of his new cage last weekend! He loves it! Cam was taking a mega nap, so Caden got to play for a couple of hours alone....that's a good thing! He loves to stick things through the little slots in the chain link....rocks, dirt, sticks, bugs, anything that will fit!