Friday, December 29, 2006

nice break

The past few weeks have been such a nice break!!!! I've taken a break from everything, and it has been wonderful. I am so energized now :o) The kids have all been great while Todd has been home, and we were able to have lots of fun family time. The baby is growing so much every day. He still isn't crawling, but he's starting to scoot around a bit. He's just too fat to get his belly up off the ground :o) He tries to get involved with everything his brothers are doing though. He grabs toys and food right out of their hands all the time, and they scream at him. He just gives them a loving smile and giggle. Todd is trying to teach him to say dada (ha, dads crack me up). He moves his mouth like he's saying it, but nothing comes out. It's cute. Caden and Camden are growing also. Cam's new thing is "yes, ma'am".....he says it for EVERYTHING! Todd thinks he says "yes, ma'am" to him to piss him off. He knows how to say "yes, sir" but he doesn't :o) Caden is so proud of himself with his A B C's. He shows off in front of Cam all the time. Cam doesn't care....he looks at him like "so, what?" Bailey is just perfect as ever. I can't believe he'll be twelve in less than a month. Wow, how time flies. That means I'll be having ANOTHER birthday in less than a month also. I swear, it feels like my birthdays come a lot more frequently than everyone else's....why is that? I hate getting old. I keep telling Todd we need one more baby, like that is going to keep me young or something. He thinks I'm absolutely crazy, and there is no way I'll convince him to have another baby. Truth is, I'd have 2 or 3 more if he'd let me. One at a time is easy and actually fun! I'd take 6 boys....could you imagine how much fun that would be? Better yet, could you imagine being a boy with 5 brothers? Could life be any better? I just want to keep giving my little boys more and more brothers. Okay, enough baby talk....everyone is going to think I've fallen off my rocker!
Let's see, what else? Oh, I've been reading everyone's blogs :o) Congrats to all those new Majors out there....yeah!!!!! I can't wait for that pay raise :o) We're only a year behind you! I envy that.....but not all the snow you all have!!!! I love looking at all those pictures, but I'd hate to be sloshing around in it....yuck! It's been cold here....I actually wore a sweatshirt when I took the kids out for donuts this morning!!!!!! It's probably in the low 60's with the wind. That's cold enough for me ANY day. Todd is out golfing, because he hasn't been in probably a month. Poor guy. He's been super dad the past week, so he definitely deserves it! Bailey loves having him home too....Bailey doesn't feel bad bailing out on me when Todd is home. Bailey has been fishing, rock climbing, playing tennis, bowling with his friends, and is paintballing next week. Childhood is definitely more fun when you get to that age where you can just leave and go do your own thing with your friends :o) Speaking of Bailey, he almost got himself killed....really! His friend went to White Beach with his family for a few days, so Bailey took care of their cats and did his older brother's paper route for him. Well, Brainiac decided to NOT yield to a car and turned out in front of it. He jumped off his scooter as it went sliding underneath the car!!!!!!!!!! He came through the front door with road rash on his stomach and arm. I told him he's SO lucky he jumped off that scooter. It's not like he doesn't know better! I guess the lady jumped out of the car freaking out. Bailey told her, "It's okay, it's my fault, it's my fault!" She felt horrible and asked if he wanted a ride to the hospital :o) He just walked home....why, I don't know.....he had his cell phone in his pocket!!!!!! Duh....he must have been in shock still. Anyway, of course, dad yelled at him and told him to get over it and to go do the paper route before it got dark. Of course, mom, babied him....cleaned his wounds and drove him on the paper route :o)
Wow, this is getting long....and probably quite boring. I'm just trying to fill you all in over the past couple of weeks, since it's been so long since I blogged. Connie's blogged more than I have....something is definitely wrong....I'm way behind the power curve. Speaking of Connie, Happy Birthday! She's still a baby....only 31....I think I remember being 31!
Well, I guess that's it for now. Who knows how long it will be before I blog again....could be a while! We are all enjoying our gifts Santa left for us!!!!! The three little ones got WAY TOO MANY toys....I can't even list them all. I can't even see the floor in the toy room. I had to order 4 new toy bins for all of this crap....I can't wait until they get here. Bailey got a new tennis racket, a ball hopper, Nike ID gift card, movies, books, etc. Todd got his golf punch card :o) He never wants gifts! I got my pink Kitchen Aid blender to match my pink Kitchen Aid mixer, another Coach purse, and my Starbucks Espresso machine....all of which will come in good use :o) It was probably our most relaxed Christmas yet....hard to believe! Okay, really, I'm going now!

Friday, December 08, 2006

bad bad blogger

I know, I've been really bad about keeping up lately. I was so busy when Todd was gone TDY. Then, the day he was supposed to get back (the day before Thanksgiving) there was a terrible storm and tornadoes (who ever heard of tornadoes on Okinawa?????) delayed his flight. They almost didn't come home....but they did....late that night. Well, our computer got zapped and died. So, Thanksgiving Day, after we ate, we had to go computer shopping....not fun!!!!! Earlier that day we took the fried computer somewhere to see if they could save it....nope! Shopping one day BEFORE the big sales really sucks. Anyway, we finally got our new computer and had to get some external drive for our old hard drive. I think I would DIE if I lost everything from my old computer. Anyway, within 24 hours, everything was back to normal.
Thanksgiving was nice and quiet. We didn't do anything with anyone....just was peaceful. Lots of food though :o) Then, the rest of the weekend was the whole Christmas tree set-up and decorating and so forth. I finishing another class last Monday and have been on break this week. I start another one on Tuesday but only have one week of class before we break for our 2 week holiday break.....yeah!!!!! So, that will be nice :o) Once the holiday break is over, I only have 4 (YES, FOUR) months before I'm ALL done....I can't wait!!!!!!
The kids have all had parties and crap at school. Feasts, programs, gift exchanges, etc.....that crap just wipes me out!!!!! It's only the beginning (again) too.....Lord, help me! It's fun to see how happy they get, but it is exhausting for me! I guess it just goes with the season.....
I have so much to write about, I don't even know what to write about. The longer I wait to blog, the more I dread it.....I hate having to play catch-up. I've been reading everyone else's though! I can find 5 or 10 minutes here and there to read, I just can't find 30 minutes here and there to post.....I can't post without adding pictures.....the families don't want to read about the chaos, they just want to see pictures of the kidlets :o) So, I guess I'll stop rambling now and post some pictures. I wish I had pictures of our Christmas party last night :o( I think I have one of Todd, but none of me.....that stinks too, because I actually looked pretty cute (ya, I'll toot my own horn....I wore a hot little low-cut black dress). We're going to another party next week. I may wear the same dress and get pictures :o) Heaven forbid my husband ask someone to take our picture that a crazy request, or what?

red and white suckers

Oh, we love suckers around here.....those "red and white" ones are a hit this year!!!

The boys are finally big enough to sit on these little fair rides alone! Todd and I used to fight about whose turn it was to ride with them. We both hate getting on these little rides. It's cool having twins, because they never have to ride alone :o) Of course, Caden will always dominate Cam and insist on being the one who drives.....always.....he never lets Cam drive anything. Cam has accepted it though. He just hangs on and smiles :o)

candy canes

Okay, we went to do the Santa "thing" last weekend. We really spent a lot of time spinning the kids up for this big event. "Me like Santa Claus." "Me no cry." This is all we've heard the past 2 weeks.....well.....of course it didn't work out that way. They both cried, of course. Candy canes seemed to make things a little better though.......
The candy cane worked pretty well for Cam. He wouldn't look at Santa AT ALL.........
That is one angry little red-head! Wow....he was NOT happy.He tried to smile for me after he got his candy cane, but he wanted OFF that lap!!!!!
Bennett is still a little angel and will go to anyone that will love on him :o)
No, Bailey passed on Santa pictures this year! Do you blame him?