Wednesday, March 29, 2006

No time to PEE!

This whole blog thing is new to I really supposed to find time to add to it EVERY day? Are you kidding me? First of all, I don't even have time to eat or pee, most of the time! Daily seems a little obsessive, but I'll see what I can do. I'm thinking once or twice a week is sufficient enough exposure to my hectic life. Well, the "zoo" is almost complete! Yes, I'm talking about the fence. That is exactly what it will look like from the main road behind our house....little animals clinging to the inside of their zoo cage! Oh, I can't wait! My life will be considerably easier once their "cage" is complete :o) No pictures today....they are all on my phone. We went to the children's zoo and children's museum this morning, but I forgot to take my real camera. I only got a few cheesy little phone pictures. Next posting will include pictures! Oh, I forgot to tell you about our, no, no, not cute, little centipedes, foot-long centipedes with a gazillion long red legs and big poisonous pincers!!!! No, I'm not kidding....would I kid about something like that? My next door neighbor thought there was a snake in her living room, until she got close enough to see the legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, we have nasty, poisonous Habu snakes too! You'd think the whole Biology teacher part of me would love that kind of, not so much....I'm more of a "cell" lover, or give me a nice fluffy cat....snakes and centipedes I can forego! Anyway, we found a centipede in our house last week, so housing maintenance (aka - people who don't speak English) had to come to our house and spray pesticides this morning.....what a nightmare! It's over though! Well, we are off to the park now to enjoy our BEAUTIFUL, warm, sunny day!

Saturday, March 25, 2006


aka - Camden or "Cam"
He is our little sweetie pie! Always full of hugs and kisses. He loves to "tattle" on Caden when he is into something he shouldn't be....continuously! He is my little snuggle bug and quite the little charmer! He captures everyone's heart with his big baby blues and huge "cheeky" smile.....


aka - Caden
I also refer to this little monster as "Big Red." His hair is only "strawberry blonde" but his personality is "Red." Boy, is this one a little fire cracker! He keeps us laughing continuously......when we're not beating his little butt!


The big brother.......
Busy with school...straight A's, of course! Just finished up with football...was MVP of the team for the season, yeah! Now, we are full-force into baseball. He's a pitcher, short stop, and first baseman! He LOVES baseball....that is his passion. He is getting into skateboarding and roller hockey. Just what I've always wanted...a little skater punk! I'm kidding! Hopefully, that will just turn out to be a "stage"....a short-lived one! We are proud as heck of this one....he's a keeper!

Nailing Jello to a Tree

YOU try keeping 20-month-old twins confined in a yard with no fence.....nailing jello to a tree is easier! I'm waiting for some man to show up and install our fence right now.....every minute seems like an hour.....he can't be here fast enough! I swear, without it, my kids will be roadkill before long. Of course, it just started raining....seriously, in the past two sentences it started raining. Just my luck! Welcome to Okinawa. Does it ever stop raining here? That explains why this guy is late...he was praying for rain so he could plop his lazy butt in front of the TV. Now I'll be trapped in the house all day with two screaming little monkeys...breaking their nails as they scratch at the back door to get out and be free...almost like little puppies! My little puppies are so much fun. Caden stuck his hand down the back of his diaper this morning and brought me a handful of poopy....who could ask for a better present? At least he brought it to me instead of Cam! They get along so wonderfully...most of the time. Best friends or worst enemies...there is no in-between! The nickname "Horns 'n Halo" still fits. Caden is still the little devil of the family (just like his daddy, of course), and Cam is my sweet little angel (he, of course, takes after his mommy)! Okay, okay, maybe I mixed the comparisons up just a little bit. Bailey is the best big brother in the world, too. They ADORE him. Anything Bailey does, Caden has to try the time I post my next blog entry, Caden may be in a is just a matter of time. He thinks "No" and "I dare you" mean the same thing. Well, my five minute limit is up.....crisis intervention calls.....