Wednesday, May 31, 2006

How cool is this?

Ever seen one of these before? How cool is this? We've (the twins) decided we love to sit on the potty, but not to go potty. We like to sit and play with toilet paper and try to stick our hands down in the water between our legs, etc. We'll sit there for 15 minutes....nothing. We stand up anywhere else in the house for 30 seconds without a diaper and we're peeing on the floor....trying to catch the stream in our hands, of course. We're still too short to stand at the potty.....and all the water right in front of our face is very tempting :o) A baby urinal.....who'da thunk????? Burlington Coat Factory.....that's who!!!! Those smarty pants. Hey, it's worth a short, right? Anybody who has ever tried to potty train a boy knows that anything is worth a shot. Of course, they are not even 2 yet, so we're really not in a hurry......we're just learning about our fun new "pee pee" place!!!!!
That top blue part holds water....the button up on the very top flushes the pee pee out of the bottom of the little urinal....the bottom blue part pulls out for easy emptying.....if there is such a thing!!!! It is adjustable (up to 4 inches) and you can even mount it on the wall. How cute is that???? Could "pee pee" or "potty" be more darling than this? I don't think so!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Brotherly LOVE.......

I swear, it's so cute. Cam gets tired of playing, so he grabs his cup and blankie and crawls up on the couch. He'll watch tv or watch Caden play.

Then Caden decides he wants to get cozy with his blankie also. He goes to the other couch, because he doesn't share well ;o)

Cam sees Caden laying over on the other couch and can't resist.....he is such a sweetie pie! He loves to give kisses and snuggle. So, he heads over to give his brother a big kissy poo!

Then crawls up to snuggle with him. Of course Caden interprets this act of wanting to play again. So, after a couple of minutes they are playing again ;o) It is so cute! Cam loves his twin so much!!!!! Caden loves him too....he just has a different way of showing it!

Monday, May 29, 2006

picture unperfect

Would love to post some pics for y'all, but there seems to be a says my pictures have been uploaded and added, but they don't appear on the page. I don't know what is going on....either my computer, my settings, or the website. I'll try again in a couple of days. I have some cute "brotherly love" pics to post ;-)

Rainy Days

We were so looking forward to our four-day holiday weekend. Well, Friday felt like a sweaty armpit.....just nasty, nasty hot and humid. Our friends from Oklahoma got here Friday that was a plus! It's good to have Connie here. Caden and Camden are liking having Landon around to play with. New friends are always fun :o) Bailey is loving having the "older" friend, Dustin, around. Dustin is 3 years older than Bailey is, so Bailey feels super cool playing video games with him. I keep telling him that Dustin will find friends his own age soon and poor Bailey will be written off....he's hoping that won't happen....but it will. Saturday we had them over for a BBQ and invited some rained (poured) all day sucked! Saturday night we took them to a party, so they got to meet some people. They were still totally jet-lagged, but they had a good time. Sunday morning Todd and Jeff went golfing with a couple of the guys from the the rain. I swear, it has been raining non-stop since Saturday morning about 10:00. Sunday night we took them out to a local sushi restaurant to "break them in" a little bit. Monday morning, woke up to rain.....finally decided around 2:00 to not let the rain keep us inside all day, so Connie, the kids, and I went out shopping a little bit, and Todd and Jeff went car shopping. Now it's Monday night and still raining. Gosh, I hate this. The sad thing is, tomorrow will be beautiful....I just know it. Now that the guys have to go back to work, the weather will be always works that way. Oh well, I will get Connie and the kids out of TLF tomorrow and we'll go do something.
I am getting more and more uncomfortable every day. I have a couple of doctor appointments this week and an ultrasound on Thursday, so Thursday will be the big deciding day. Baby will arriving on Thursday if the ultrasound doesn't show more weight gain. If it does, then I have to wait an additional 11 days. I know that is not a lot, but it sure feels like it when I am trying to sleep at night! I'm ready now....I hope baby arrives on Thursday so we can get our schedule underway. Also, this week is a slow week with school, and I won't really have anything to catch up with. If I have to wait until the 12th, I'll have a lot of work to do before baby gets here. So, I'd like the delivery to fit into my school schedule :o)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Freak Nasty!

Yes, I plan on doing a "real" post, pictures and all, hopefully tonight or tomorrow. I just HAD to vent my feelings at this moment though.....I can not believe that freak nasty, Jay Leno look-alike, crazy-ass fool, Taylor Hicks won American Idol. It's called American "Idol" for a reason....I certainly don't want any of my boys idolizing him. I could see him winning American Nerd maybe....but American Idol, I am floored!!! Boy is in desperate need of a make-over, a fashion consultant, and plastic surgery....oh, and some Miss Clairol, a bottle of wash-that-gray-right-outta-my-hair could come in handy. Oh, I see his first endorsement.......

Sunday, May 21, 2006

lazy lazy lazy.....

Oh, I have been such a slacker on this blog the past week. I was supposed to update last Thursday, but that has come and gone. Baby did okay last week....still having tests twice a week. Assuming all goes well with those tests, I have an ultrasound on June 1. Doctor said, "Don't eat....just in case!" So, maybe June 1 will be the day....who knows? The scheduled C-Section has been moved up to June 12. So, that would be the absolute lastest!!!!!!! I guess that is not too bad. It's only 3 weeks away. I have now officially gained more weight with this one baby than I did with the, I'm not happy about that. Anyone who knows me knows how vain I am with the "number" the scale reads!!!! Chasing the toddlers around should help me get rid of it quickly though. Other than that, I have been lazy the past few days. I finished up my class from hell and started a new, much easier, class. It will stink having the baby during the middle of the class, but I'll be glad in the long run that I'm not taking a break. I'll be totally done in January and never have to think about school again....unless Todd decides to get his Doctorate (which I highly doubt!!!!!).....then I'd have to play "you can't have a higher degree than I do" again. This game sucks!!!!
Bailey is almost done with school. They get out so late here....I hate it! His last day isn't until June 16, and he starts back the last week of August. So, his summer break is only 10 weeks. They get so many days off during the's crazy. He is upset about baseball being over. Baseball is only 8 weeks in the spring here, compared to 4 months during spring/summer in Oklahoma. It's just too hot for baseball during the summer here. So, he is going to take golf and tennis lessons this summer. He loves golf and is excited about starting tennis!
That is it....I know, our lives are boring ;-)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mommy's Day

No pics today....just a little narrative update. Mother's Day was great....of course! I got my usual "pamper me money".....I get spa gift certificates EVERY SINGLE birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, anniversary, and Christmas.....usually enough to go 2-3 times each occassion too.....yep, he's good to me. So, I was expecting that BUT he also surprised me. I don't have any pictures to post because he got me this cool little digital camcorder and I haven't touched my camera since. It's smaller than my camera is and it records up to 24 hours of video.......there's no's awesome. It just takes a few minutes to download the video to our hard drive and then make's so easy. Well, okay, all you grandparents out's not so easy that you will be receiving DVDs every week.....we'll be working on getting some out to you within the next month or so though :o) Anyway, it also takes pictures. I have my little 4 mp HP that takes really nice pictures and then my big 10 mp Cannon for portraits, but this thing is awesome. It has 32X optical zoom cool is that? Okay, enough about my new toy. Electronics for mother's day...that's cute!!! Man, if only I had thought of it....that would have been a perfect Father's Day present!!!! On a more serious note, I had an ultrasound today, and little Bennett is not doing as well as he was. No need to worry.....I'll give more details and an update on Thursday after I go back to see the doctor again. It's very possible he'll be arriving early though.....hopefully not on Thursday!!!! My once-big baby has decided he is done growing, so they are going to check him out a little more on Thursday and come up with a plan for this little guy. He was in the 95th percentile 4 weeks ago and now is only the 20th percentile. He has only gained 10 oz in 4 weeks, so we may have to get that little booger out of there earlier than planned. Been there, done, I'll update in a few days. He's doing well right at the moment...kicking the crap out of me....I think he's trying to tell me to go to bed....everyone else has been sleeping for hours :o) Over and out....

Friday, May 12, 2006

Hair"S" cut????

Every time I ask Todd, "Did you get your hair cut?" the smarty pants fires back with, "No, I got them all cut." This is what I live with!!!! Anyway, the boys have been getting ALL their hairS cut since they were about 10 months old, but I have never taken pictures before.....I know, I'm a bad mommy....well, I took some today.

Caden really does look better with longer hair, but he has that double cowlick in the back that just drives me NUTS!!! That poor kid has such bad hair....he and Bailey both have been cursed with the bad hair spell, I guess!!!! As soon as he got home from getting his hair cut, he was running around the house like a maniac. His haircut makes him look like even more of a monster. The long hair with little bangs on his forehead "soften" his look a he has that tough, rough, redneck shaved head.....

Cam just playing with the dirt between his toes as he waits his turn :-) Todd almost died when I showed him this picture, because I took them out in public in onsies and NO shoes!!!!! That makes me laugh.....they're babies....who cares!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!! It's 800 degrees outside and we live on a little island....who cares about shoes? Shoes are over-rated!!!!

Sweet little Cam. He has PERFECT matter what length it is. It just lays so perfectly all the time. He's the luckiest of the kids when it comes to hair.

TOO MANY BALLS for me.....

This kid always makes me laugh.....every time I turn around, he is doing something off-the-wall! I don't know how many "balls" he actually has in there, but when they started falling out the bottom, he was screaming.....he was so pissed off!!! He must get that from his father ;-)

Now, that is a beauty!!!!

Don't let that little innocent face fool you!!!!!! He is trouble with a captial T......

Bailey's Week

Well, the Sorobon competition was on Tuesday, and it was interesting. Here is Bailey, not looking very excited, at his competition table. I was SO wrong about the competition. I thought it was only Kadena schools....nope....there were probably 10 schools, 188 competitors. Bailey was definitely the "rookie" here. He said, "Mom, those kids made me feel stupid." That is the first time he has ever said anything like that. What a humbling experience...ya think? Anyway, now that he's seen the competition and how it works (he had no idea what he was in for this year) he will be a much better competitor next year!!! I think he said he tied for 22nd place. See that little sorobon on his desk? That little thing adds and subtracts numbers into the trillions in a matter of seconds!!! It was fun to "listen" to 188 kids flipping those beads during the competition!!! year!!!!!

Look at that cute little smile!!! I just love this picture. Well, this is from the geography bee. The spelling bee on Thursday was quite a disappointment. There were 40 competitors total. When they got down to 5, Bailey and another kid both missed their word, so they tied for 4th place....that stinks! What really stinks is the word he missed wasn't even on the study sheet they distributed.....pretty dirty, huh? Oh well. The geography went well, but could have gone better. There were 30 competitors total. Once they got down to three, the judges put one of the competitors into the final competition because she hadn't missed any questions. Bailey and another boy had both missed one. It made me SO mad (that's the kind of mom I am) because the question was about the country where Stonehenge is located. Everyone knows Stonehenge is in England, right? No, the judges said England was not an acceptable answer, and he had to say UK. Anyway, that was OUR fault, because we told him it is in England. So, he would have automatically gone to the final round with that girl had he gotten that correct. Instead, he and this other boy went round after round after round, competing for that slot. They both kept getting their answers correct. Then I heard Bailey say, "Can you please repeat the question." and I thought, "Oh shit....that can't be good!" He missed it, then the other kid got his correct. So, he got the third place trophy. I was very proud of him. He kicked butt. He studied SO much and did very well. He has his eye on first next year....already!

I am so glad this week is over! It's been a long week! We have a beach party to go to tomorrow. Todd is out at the beach tonight with the "guys".....stuffing and roasting the pig.....I'm sure there is a little beer drinking going on at the same time!!!!! So, the pig should be ready tomorrow afternoon for the families! Oh, is anyone else out there still in shock about Chris getting voted off American Idol????????????? I am so scared that freak-nasty Taylor is going to win now. Oh my gosh, what a gross thought! I must say this is the most disappointing season thus far :-(

Sunday, May 07, 2006

BIG week ahead

Last week was a stessful week for me (school sucks) but a boring week for the rest of the family. We did have a squadron picnic to go to on Friday, which was really lame....the squadron activities here are horrible....or maybe it's the people, I don't know. The squadron is definitely different than the squadron at Tinker. Earlier in the day, a handful of us ladies met at Starbucks for coffee. That was fun. One girl brought her two little Yorkies, Monica and Chandler (How funny is that?), and the boys just loved those little dogs! We are going to start meeting for coffee every other Friday....that will be a nice change, since I don't get out much :o) Anyway, Saturday, we went out to dinner with some friends, which was nice. We went to my favorite Indian restaurant....yummy!!!! No, I don't do spicy while I'm pregnant, or we'll end up with a remake of Along Came Polly! That certainly would not be fun for anyone....especially the friends who were with us! Sunday was rainy and dreary.....we stayed in....boring. This week is Bailey's big week at school. He has his Sorobon competition on Tuesday, which is exciting. It is a competition with 15 competitors from each of the 3 elementary schools on Kadena AB. I hope Todd can attend....they asked that little siblings don't attend, so that counts me out!!!! He brought a sorobon home for the weekend and was was cool.....of course, he rocks too!!!! I hope he does well in the competition. As long as he doesn't rush and worry about the other competitors, I'm sure he'll do fine. Thursday is his school's spelling bee.....he'll probably do pretty well. He's always been a good speller, but his mind has been on the geography bee. That will take place on Friday.....he has been studying his little hiney off for that!!!! There are about 300 questions on the study guide....they were HARD too!!!!! Todd and I had to find all the answers for him to study took us HOURS and HOURS to Google all those answers! So, he knows them all......he'll do fine, as long as we didn't give him the wrong answer.........oh gosh, I would just die! Anyway, that's our big week......I'll have to give updates after each competition :o)

Wouldn't that be nice???

I was doing homework last week, my back to the living room, and I smelled a child behind me! They were being quiet and playing, so I continued to do what I was working on. I kept saying, "I smell a stinky baby" every once in a while and kept asking, "Who's the stinky baby?" They just kept playing, carrying on as usual. A few minutes later they got pretty quiet, which is usually an indication that "something" is going on. I turned around to find Cam trying to change Caden's diaper!!! It was so cute! Thankfully, he was still dressed and his old (VERY NASTY) diaper was still on his body......what a mess that could have been!!!! Wouldn't it be nice if they could change each other's diapers though?????? I just had to share these pictures though. Look at Caden....holding his legs up for Cam and everything! Doesn't look like he's putting up a fight at he does for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

picture gallery #3

The boys' favorite thing to do these days is watch the Curious George video on the computer. They watch it over and over and over again......they'd watch it all day long if I'd let them. They laugh EVERY time the dude slips on the banana peel and falls into the water. They are obsessed with Curious George....better than Barney, right?????

Their second favorite thing to do is color. They each have to have their OWN little baggie of crayons.....there is absolutely no sharing going on with crayons. They scribble with one color then switch to another and then another.....they think crayons are so cool!

picture gallery #2

We went to the beach to let the boys "play in the sand" Todd they were really just going to stay in the sand.......who was he trying to kid? They were so funny! I spared Cam by NOT posting the picture of him throwing up in the water :o) He splashed himself in the face and got salt water in his mouth....he freaked out and tried to wipe it out with a sandy hand.....he barfed. We couldn't help but laugh, but it was sad. Caden was a wild maniac in the water....he loved it. Cautious Cam and Curious little fellas :o)

Monday, May 01, 2006

picture gallery #1

Okay...these were supposed to be pictures of me and Caden....I snuck in one with Cam!!! I also snuck in one that shows my BEAUTIFULLY large belly!!!! Todd (aka: "the fun sucker".....he sucks the fun out of everything these days) won't let me post pictures if he's in them. He's worse than I am!!!!! Okay....more pictures to come very shortly......